Chael Sonnen Calls for Jon Jones, “Bones” Willing and Waiting

Written by Tom Ngo
December 24th, 2011

UFC Chael Sonnen

The demands for medium-rare steaks has apparently come to an end. After antagonizing Anderson Silva for the past year-and-a-half, Chael Sonnen (Pictured) claims he’s done with verbally assaulting the reigning UFC middleweight king. According to Sonnen, he’s moving on to bigger and badder things if he’s able to beat Mark Munoz when the Octagon returns to FOX.

“I’m done with the guy. He and I have no business,” Sonnen told Off the Record of his infatuation with Silva. “This guy is cold product, man, he’s like Jheri Curls and Pepsi Clear. He’s yesterday’s news. I destroyed this guy back when he was tough. That was years ago. He’s so far over the hill and past his prime, it’s not worth talking about. I’m going to become the #1 contender on January 28th.

“But despite what you may think, I’m not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva. I’ll be looking at [Junior] dos Santos, [Jon] Jones and possibly [Georges] St. Pierre. But that, I will take that voucher to [UFC president] Dana White and I will pick one of those three guys. My time with Anderson is done.”

After manhandling Silva for nearly five complete rounds at UFC 117, Sonnen was abruptly submitted by “The Spider” with only 110 ticks remaining on the clock. Since the August 2010 defeat, Sonnen had been doing everything within his power to land a rematch.

However, it seems Sonnen may have redirected his target – at least for the time being. Regardless, it didn’t take the current light heavyweight champ long to catch wind of Sonnen’s comments. Jones didn’t seem too amused, but he does appear down.

“Someone tell Chael he knows where I’ll be waiting,” Jones tweeted.

For those of you hoping Uncle Chael landed himself a shot at Jones’ throne with another one of his long-winded challenges, don’t hold your breath.

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