MMA Link Club: Top Stories for Week of December 18th

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
December 25th, 2011

UFC Alistair Overeem

Once again we’ve gathered the best MMA news from the baddest websites on the ‘net so that 5thRound nation won’t miss a beat! Make sure to check out the links after the jump.

Christmas is finally upon us as we head into 2012 with one major UFC event left before the new year.

Brock Lesnar will take on Alistair Overeem this coming Friday in what will be the Dutchman’s UFC debut.

Enough talk, onto this past week’s top news:

Meet the flyweights: interview with Ian McCall [MMAMania]

It seems like jail and rehab will teach you how to do it. It’s just the kind of thing where you grow out of it. I just finally one day was like, “Okay, I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough fun. I’ve partied enough in my life. This is kind of over with.”

Top 10 biggest MMA upsets in 2011 [TheFightNerd]

Everyone loves to see the underdog win, especially because they never expect it. In MMA, unpredictability is a constant variable that truly makes it one of the most exciting sports out there. Sometimes, it’s not even the underdog, but rather the fighter that most thought had zero chance at all to win, let alone survive the fight.

The 25 most vicious finishes of 2011 [CagePotato]

With a little help from the Potato Nation, we spent the last couple days gathering videos of the nastiest, ugliest, most-painful looking knockouts and submissions from this year. Finding 25 of them was the easy part.

TUF Brazil video preview [Lowkick]

Mixed Martial Arts legend Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva gives behind the scenes look at his preparations for next year’s long-anticipated TUF: Brazil. Wanderlei Silva will coach “against” the fellow veteran Vitor Belfort.

Rashad Evans bets Phil Davis will shoot first [Fightline]

“I’ll bet anything he’ll definitely be the first to shoot in on me,” Evans said. “I just think that’s where he wants to take the fight. I think that’s where he thinks his game works best at.

GSP picked one of the most overhyped in 2011 [MMAPayout]

Despite being on this list, GSP is still a draw that the UFC will miss due to his injury. While Matt Serra may have changed GSP’s style forever, he is still a fan draw and is one of the few UFC stars that can carry a PPV card.

Scott Coker on Strikeforce’s new deal [BleacherReport]

I think we can do both.  We will find girls. There’s girls around the world that will come to fight her. I think there’s some girls that can be competitive with her.

Junie Browning turns himself in [MMAConvert]

According to the report, the police are hoping to the two sides can come to some kind of settlement since their versions of the story are wildly different, however it doesn’t sound like Browning or the bar owner, Simon Menzies, are at all interested in a compromise.

UFC Undisputed 3 predicts Overeem win over Lesnar [MMAFighting]

So after simulating the 25 bouts and coming up with some kind of average outcome, THQ determined that Overeem had a slight edge, winning via first-round knockout.

Best if PRIDE coming to FUEL TV in 2012 [Five Ounces of Pain]

However, PRIDE didn’t totally die, as Zuffa began airing Best of PRIDE shows on Spike TV, and now, with the UFC headed to FOX Networks, the show will continue its run on FUEL TV.

Watch the best knockout ever [MiddleEasy]

If I’m Ryu, I will defeat anyone in Street Fighter 2 — just ask Sean. You don’t need to know who Sean is. Just know that there’s a dude out there named Sean that will confirm that I will defeat anyone in Street Fighter 2. It’s nothing to be shamed about, really. I’m sure your Street Fighter 2 skills are exceptional.

Antonio Inoki’s Shadow War on NYE [FightOpinion]

If the impending 2011 Inoki MMA/IGF card at Saitama Super Arena looks like a familiar friend to you, that’s because it is. The booking is reminiscent to the card produced by Inoki and promoted by PRIDE in 2000 at the Osaka Dome, where you had a mixture of MMA blending in with a pro-wrestling atmosphere.

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