UFC to Heighten Security for Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone Weigh-In

Written by Tom Ngo
December 29th, 2011

UFC Nate Diaz Donald Cerrone 141

The Las Vegas Strip won’t be the only spot in Nevada with heightened security today. Following Wednesday’s altercation between Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone (Pictured) at the UFC 141 pre-fight press conference, company president Dana White said he intends to have additional bodies available at Thursday’s weigh-ins just in case the lightweights engage in another premature exchange.

“I’m not happy that Nate slapped Cerrone’s hat off,” White shared. “I don’t like the guys touching each other [before the fight]. That’s why I’m standing there.

“I’m not there to mug up into the camera. I’m there to make sure that [expletive] doesn’t happen. I didn’t do my job [yesterday], apparently.”

When asked if the organization intended to take extra precautions when the bitter rivals pose for face-off pictures after tipping the scales, White quickly and definitively answered in the affirmative.

“Hell yeah,” White flatly stated. “I was expecting it [before the presser started], but they were being so cool [yesterday], I didn’t see it coming.

“It was so fast, I wasn’t expecting it. Cerrone said something like, ‘I’m getting in that ass [Friday],’ or something like that. That’s why [Nate] did it.”

Regarding yesterday’s exchange, Diaz claimed he wasn’t about to allow the “Cowboy” to intimidate him just days before the biggest bout of his career.

“He was trying to tip his hat into my face and I’m no punk who will take that,” Diaz stated. “He was mumbling some stupid crap about me needing to bring it. He don’t even believe what he’s saying. He’s trying to find confidence from somewhere.

“I will knock something else off his head Friday.”

The former WEC top contender didn’t respond to Diaz’s antics in the MGM’s Main Lobby, but he fully intends to do so when it matters the most.

“I’m not getting paid to fight [at the press conference],” Cerrone expressed. “I get paid on Friday when it counts. Let’s see if he’s brave enough to swat my hat off on Friday. Let’s see if he even comes close. [Wednesday], I acted like a professional. Friday, I’m gonna make him pay.”

UFC 141’s official weigh-ins take place today at 7PM ET/4PM PT. Stream the festivities live right HERE.

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