Drunken Dana White Allows Brock Lesnar to Return to WWE (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
January 5th, 2012

UFC Brock Lesnar WWE

We’ve got some great news for you Brock Lesnar (Pictured) fans, albeit in a drunken late night state, UFC president Dana White said he will allow the former WWE superstar to return to his fake fighting roots. The bad news for Lesnar’s fanboys, longtime pro wrestling guru Jim Ross believes the chances of Lesnar coming back to the squared-circle ranges between slim and none.

“Will Brock Lesnar return to WWE full time or part time? For those that know Brock well, the answer to this question is actually quite simple. It’s NO,” Ross wrote in his blog. “Brock dislikes, putting it mildly, traveling. Plus, he doesn’t need the money even though he’s smart enough to not turn down a big payday if the lay of the land is to his liking.

“That’s why the UFC thing was good for him because he could earn big money by traveling 2-3 times per year to fight.”

However, not all is lost according to Good Ol’ JR. While Lesnar becoming a mainstay on the WWE roster remains a longshot, Ross does believe that a special extravaganza could bring him out of wrasslin’ retirement. Just don’t hold your breath.

“I could see Brock doing a major, one-off WWE appearance ala a Wrestlemania, but not this year, and doing so while not even making the live Raw events that lead into it,” Ross added. “I could also see WWE traveling to Brock to shoot vignettes to build whatever match that he might be booked. For fans who think that Lesnar will return to make a significant amount of TV dates only and then only work a handful or so of PPV’s, I hate to burst your bubble, but in my opinion that simply isn’t happening.”

After getting steamrolled by Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, Lesnar announced his retirement from the world of MMA. Many instantly wondered if Lesnar would go back to being a professional wrestler, but White stated at the post-fight press conference that, “when he retires, he retires under contract.”

White refused to clarify
exactly what “retires under contract” meant, nor did he specify how many fights Lesnar had remaining on his UFC deal.

According to the video below, Lesnar is now free and clear to rejoin White’s pay-per-view rivals if he so desires. Although, agreements made while intoxicated rarely hold up in court.

Either way, it seems like a moot point if you were to ask JR.

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