TUF Season 7 Finale Results & Bonuses

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
June 21st, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 Finale is officially underway from The Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will feature former UFC Middleweight Champ Evan Tanner taking on former TUF Season 3 Champion Kendall Grove.  In addition, C.B. Dollaway and Amir Sadollah will battle it out to determine who will be TUF Season 7 Champion. Check out the LIVE results.

Quick Results:

Preliminary Bouts:

Cale Yarbrough (+275) vs. Tim Credeur (-350) – Cancelled Adderall found in Credeur’s system in a pre-fight drug test
Rob Kimmons (+150) Defeated Rob Yundt (-120) via Submission – Guillotine Choke at 3:58 in the 1stRound
Dean Lister (-125) Defeated Jeremy Horn (+105) via Submission – Guillotine Choke at 3:52 in the 1stRound
Matt Brown (+115) Defeated Matt Arroyo (-145) via TKO – Strikes at 3:40 in the 2ndRound
Drew McFedries (-130) Defeated Marvin Eastman (Even) via TKO – Strikes at 1:08 in the 1stRound
Dustin Hazelett (+190) Defeated Josh Burkman (-240) via Submission – Armbar at :16 in the 2ndRound

Main Bouts:

Matt Riddle Deafeated Dante Rivera via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Spencer Fisher Defeated Jeremy Stephens via Unanimous Decision (29-28 – All Three Judges)
Diego Sanchez Defeated Luigi Fioravanti via TKO – Strikes at 4:07 in the 3rdRound
Amir Sadollah Defeated C.B. Dollaway via Submission – Armbar at 3:02 in the 1stRound
Kendall Grove Deafeated Evan Tanner via Split Decision (28-29, 30-26, 30-26)

Fight Bonuses:

Fight of the Night – Dustin Hazelett and Josh Burkman ($20,000/Each)

Submission of the Night – Dustin Hazelett ($20,000)

Knockout of the Night – Drew McFedries ($20,000)

Main Bouts Play-by-Play:

Dante Rivera (+190) vs. Matt Riddle (-240)


Not much activity as both fighters were exchanging knees while in the clinch. Rivera seemed to get the better of the exchanges of the knees early in the round, but Riddle won the knee war in the clinch from the 3:00 mark on. It was a close round, but Riddle was able to secure a takedown with 15 seconds left in the round, possibly winning him the round.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 1stRound: 10-9 Riddle


Rivera comes out much more aggressive, throwing many power strikes, landing only a few though. Riddle seems to be much stronger and better conditioned than Rivera as he continues to pin Rivera against the cage in the clinch. Rivera landed a left overhand, however in the lunge to throw the punch Riddle was able to take him down  and land into full mount.

Rivera was able to reverse and get into Riddle’s full guard. Being a BJJ purple belt, Riddle was able to throw an armbar attempt in with only 12 seconds in the round, however Rivera was able to escape. Another close round, but Ngo-stradamus sees it as 2-0 Riddle.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 2ndRound: 10-9 Riddle


Riddle looks much fresher and lands a powerful knee to Rivera’s head. Rivera continues to go for takedowns while in the clinch, but Riddle is too strong. Riddle is able to secure his second takedown in the fight and lands in Rivera’s rubber guard.

After much inactivity, Riddle lets Rivera up and Rivera immediately attacks knowing he is in trouble on the scorecards. Riddle takes Rivera down once again without much trouble.  Referee Herb Dean stands the fighters up due to inactivity with 58 seconds in the round.

Riddle immediately takes Rivera down again and takes his back. Rivera is able to roll over, however Riddle lands in full mount. Another dominating round for Riddle.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 3rdRound: 10-9 Riddle (Fight: 30-27 Riddle)

Matt Riddle Deafeated Dante Rivera via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Jeremy Stephens (+160) vs. Spencer Fisher (-200)


Fisher lands two nice left hands, however Stephens is able to take Fisher down while in the clinch, but Fisher gets up immediately. Fisher then takes Stephens down and lands some nice GnP. Stephens stays active on his back, landing some nice elbows and keeps his hips active attempting a couple armbars.

Fisher passes into half guard and lands a nice reverse elbow to Stephens’ face. Both fighters are very aggressive on the ground, as Fisher mounts Stephens and takes his back. Stephens is able to spin out and get Fisher back into full guard without receiving any major punishment. Fisher controls the round easily.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 1stRound: 10-9 Fisher


Stephens lands a nice combination while in the clinch against the cage. Both fighters stand in the center of the ring as Stephens attempts a flying knee which didn’t land and cost him a right hand to the head. Fisher is able to sweep Stephens and lands into Fisher’s side mount. Fisher continues to posture up, throwing many punches to Stephens’ face and body.

Fisher stands over Stephens attempting a punch, however Stephens lands an up kick to Fisher’s face scoring his first points of the match. Stephens also is able to pick Fisher up and slam him to the mat as time expires. Great ending for Stephens, however not enough to win him the round, but it is very close.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 2ndRound: 10-9 Fisher


Stephens comes out aggressive throwing and landing two rights and a kick, he looks much fresher. Stephens walks away claiming an eye poke, however referee Steve Mazzagatti doesn’t stop the fight and tells him to continue to fight. Stephens is able to get Fisher in a guillotine attempt, but Fisher is crafty enough to get into side control and get in full mount. Nothing comes of it as both fighters stand and Stephens continues to throw bombs.

Fisher tries to take Stephens down, however is able to take Fisher down and lands in full guard.  Stephens is active, however Fisher is able to stay in Stephens’ guillotine as the bell rings. Close fight, but this round goes to Stephens.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 3rdRound: 10-9 Stephens (Fight: 29-28 Fisher)

Spencer Fisher Defeated Jeremy Stephens via Unanimous Decision (29-28 – All Three Judges)

Luigi Fioravanti (+300) vs. Diego Sanchez (-500)


Sanchez lands a nice combination with a left uppercut landing square on Fioravanti’s chin. Sanchez throws a flying knee, which Fioravanti caught and almost took Sanchez down. Sanchez throws a left head kick, which cathes Fioravanti right in the face.

Sanchez is clearly the aggressor as he lands another combination. The uppercut seems to be working nicely for Sanchez. Sanchez shoots for a takedown, however is not able to get Fioravanti down. Fioravanti picks Sanchez up and slams him to the mat at the end of the round, making it a little tougher on the judges to score. Sanchez should have had the round though.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 1stRound: 10-9 Sanchez


Both fighters exchange punches as Fioravanti pulls away grabbing own his right foot. Diego immediately sees his opponent may be hurt and goes in for the kill. Sanchez takes him down and goes for a kimora, which Fioravanti is able to escape and get the fight back up.

Both fighters land nice punches, however Fioravanti goes to the mat as Sanchez once again goes for the kill. Fioravanti survives, and lands a nice combination on Sanchez. Another exciting round comes to an end, with Sanchez probably taking this tight one.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 2ndRound: 10-9 Sanchez


Fioravanti lands a couple nice lefts as he pushes the pace a little more than the previous two rounds. Sanchez goes for another shoot, and is now 0-4 in takedowns. Not much activity as Diego continues to go for takedowns. Fioravanti is very allusive on the ground and able to  avoid the takedown.

Sanchez lands a wicked right head kick to Fioravanti’s head that landed flush and Sanchez landed a right knee to follow up. Fioravanti goes down and was pretty much done as Sanchez pounded on him until the fight was stopped.

Diego Sanchez Defeated Luigi Fioravanti via TKO – Strikes at 4:07 in the 3rdRound.

CB Dollaway (-185) vs. Amir Sadollah (+155) – TUF Finals


Both fighters feel each other out as they exchange leg kicks. Dollaway does what he does best and takes Sadollah down with ease. Dollaway attempts to posture up and lands some bombs, but is unsuccessful, however is able to advance into side control.

Sadollah recovers nicely and is able to catch Dollaway in an armbar, exactly how he lost to Sadollah on the show. The fight is stopped, somewhat controversially as Dollaway tapped once and referee Herb Dean stepped in. Dollaway immediately questioned the stoppage saying he didn’t tap. However, on replay it is clear that he tapped once. It is possible that he changed his mind at the last second, but the tap was clear.

Amir Sadollah Defeated C.B. Dollaway via Submission – Armbar at 3:02 in the 1stRound

(Sadollah is The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 Champion and earns himself a six-figure contract with the UFC)

Kendall Grove (+155) vs. Evan Tanner (-185)


Tanner is able to get Grove into a clinch and pinned Grove against the cage, however no strikes thrown. Tanner is able to get Grove down and into side control. Grove is able to get back up, but eats a knee to the face on the way up. Grove lands an elbow to Tanner’s face as they clinch and follows it up with a knee to the body as he backs away.

Tanner has a cut over his left eye form Grove’s elbow as the fighters continue to clinch against the fence. Tanner takes a single leg and Grove lands a devastating flying knee to Tanner’s face. Tanner recovers and takes Grove down for a second time.  Grove goes for a triangle, Tanner escapes however Grove is able to get back up.

Grove takes Tanner’s back, however no damage is done and Tanner stands over Grove as Grove lands a nice up kick to Tanner’s face. Exciting 1stRound, Tanner has two takedowns, however Grove landed more power punches and Tanner walks back to his corner with blood all over his face.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 1stRound: 10-9 Grove


Tanner comes out with a lot of aggression as Grove lands a nice combination. He lands a nice right knee to Tanner’s face and starts to pick Tanner apart with jabs and right hands. Grove is able to keep Tanner at bay with his long jabs and kicks. Tanner has Grove pinned against the cage as he tries to take Grove down once again. Grove lands another flying knee as Tanner continues to hang on to Grove’s left leg.

Tanner is able to finally secure another takedown, as Grove goes for a kimora attempt and is able to get the fight back standing. Grove lands another high knee to Tanner’s face. Grove lands a devastating right elbow to Tanner’s face, followed by a knee and another barrage of right elbows. Tanner was stunned but is surviving.

Grove is going in for the kill as Tanner is staggering and bloodied. Grove is landing knees and elbows to Tanner’s face at will. Tanner is holding on for dear life as Grove is landing more kicks to Tanner’s body as the 2ndRound comes to an end.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 2ndRound: 10-9 Grove


Grove looks much fresher and is making Tanner look his age. Tanner continues to clinch Grove against the cage, trying to get the fight to the ground. Grove continues to land elbows and punches inside the clinch. Tanner is starting to fight with a greater sense of urgency and lands a couple nice leg kicks and right hands as he knows he needs to make something happen to win the fight.

The two continue to clinch against the cage and exchange short shots. Tanner continues to swing for the fences and lands a nice right to Grove’s face. Tanner lands a nice uppercut and continues to pursue Grove, but Grove is able to use his reach to keep Tanner at a distance. Grove lands another nice Muay Thai knee as the horn sounds.

Ngo-stradamus scores the 3rdRound: Tanner 10-9 (Fight: 29-28 Grove)

Grove Deafeated Tanner via Split Decision (28-29, 30-26, 30-26)

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