UFC.com Hacker Targets Dana White After White Issues Challenge

Written by Tom Ngo
January 26th, 2012

UFC President Dana White

Dana White (Pictured) has picked fights with several adversaries during his tenure as UFC president. Although ESPN is currently sitting atop his hit list, White is also challenging the hackers that took over UFC.com to attempt another invasion.

“I don’t care what your twisted, demented idea of stealing is,” White said following Thursday’s press conference. “These kids that grew upon the Internet have never had to pay for anything, so they think you shouldn’t have to. Politicians were terrified of the Internet. Now you’re making them mad … Everybody’s saying, ‘You can’t beat the Internet.’ No, you can’t beat the [expletive] government. That’s who you can’t beat. That’s a fight you will always lose.

“Keep hacking our site. Do it again. Do it tonight. You want to keep hacking our site, go for it. Watch what happens. You’re hurting yourself.”

‘The Worldwide Leader in Sports’ hasn’t formally fired back at White for ripping their “piece of trash” story on UFC fighter salary, but the captain of “Underground Nazi H4ck3rGr0up,” the committee that hacked UFC.com on Sunday and Monday, is fully prepared to go head-on with MMA’s big boss.

“@danawhite We don’t want your site anymore. We are going after YOU! Follow me for tonights exciting events! #ufc #sopa #acta #pipa,” Josh Matthews (if that’s his real name) tweeted Thursday evening.

“Matthews” then posted a link containing White’s confidential information, including his current address, phone numbers and Social Security number. No word if the info released on White is accurate.

UgNazi.com is protesting the UFC’s public support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), which would allow the US Government to shut down Internet websites that provide pirated content.

The UFC contends they are losing millions of dollars each year from websites illegally streaming their pay-per-view broadcasts for free.

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