Kimbo Unleashes Relentless Work Ethic on “TUF 10”

Written by Tom Ngo
September 11th, 2009

Kimbo Slice

We are only a few days from the season premier of “The Ultimate Fighter 10,” however Wednesday can’t seem to come soon enough. This edition of the popular reality show is the UFC’s most highly anticipated, and that is directly associated with the participation of one Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson.

With a bullseye clearly painted across his chest, and his back, well, all over his chiseled body for that matter, he knew that he had to be on-guard during his time on the show. After all, he was EliteXC’s crown jewel before he had even accomplished a thing inside an MMA cage, so you know the haters will be on the prowl this season.

“They respected me. They probably talked crap behind my back, but they respected me,” Kimbo said yesterday as a guest on ESPN’s SportsNation.

Going to Las Vegas and becoming chummy with a crib full of heavyweights was not what the former street fighter intended to do. His sights are set strictly on earning the highly coveted six-figure UFC contract.

He understood that the best way to do that and to discourage his envious peers was to out-work them in the gym.  He knew he needed to have a first-in-last-to-leave mentality if he were to be perceived in a good light once filming wrapped.

“Training is very intense,” he said of his time during the filming of TUF. “I have a drive when I work out. I watch my workouts, when we record it, it’s intense. The reason I work out like that it’s because I’m working for a goal. It’s hard work behind this. If I go into the ring not ready, I can break a leg, arm. I work out for a reason. The guy I’m fighting has to have some skills.”

When asked if he felt added pressure because of his box office reputation, the YouTube legend said that all he could do was his best, however he isn’t about to allow anyone to take food off his table.

“It’s not about proving anything,” Ferguson said. “It’s mainly about first, the love of it. There’s a recession out there and I’m getting paid. And lastly, it’s entertainment. It gives everybody something to watch and enjoy and talk about.”

You can catch the 10th season of “The Ultimate Fighter” next Wednesday, September 16, immediately following “UFC Fight Night 19” at 8PM ET/PT on Spike TV.

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