Carlos Condit Unsure if Georges St-Pierre is Next

Written by Tom Ngo
February 5th, 2012

UFC Carlos Condit

To wait or not to wait, that is the question for freshly-minted UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit (Pictured). With reigning 170-pound king Georges St-Pierre and his surgically-repaired knee sidelined until at least July, Condit has a decision to make regarding his immediate future.

Dare Condit defend his manufactured title before GSP comes back and risk a massive pay-per-view payday?

That is the multimillion dollar dilemma “The Natural Born Killer” now has the luxury of figuring out.

“I would love to fight Georges, he’s the best in the world,” Condit stated on FX’s post-fight show. “It would be an honor to fight Georges. That’s something I would have to discuss with my coaches and management. That’s a decision we haven’t quite talked about yet.”

Although they have never trained together, Condit and GSP have practiced at the same time inside Greg Jackson’s famed academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While no sparring or grappling sessions took place between the 170-pounders, it doesn’t mean Condit hasn’t taken mental notes from afar.

“Georges is a very controlled fighter. He likes to keep things very cut and dry, almost surgical,” Condit assessed. “My style, on the other hand, I like to create chaos. I like to get in there, mix it up, make it a fight no matter what position my opponent has me in.

“I like to be hitting him with elbows, knees and not only chipping away at them physically, but try to break them mentally.”

At the UFC 143 post-fight press conference, company president Dana White claimed Condit’s next opponent could be someone other than St-Pierre. However, he took his infamous “we’ll see” approach regarding the situation.

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