Without Greg Jackson, Jon Jones Will Still Make Rashad Evans His Next Masterpiece

Written by Tom Ngo
February 17th, 2012

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

Greg Jackson created a slight stir when the MMA guru recently suggested he might corner light heavyweight Jon Jones (Pictured) when he defends his throne against former Jackson protégé Rashad Evans. However, during Thursday’s UFC 145 press conference in Atlanta, Jones claimed his mentor would most likely stand clear of their grudge match come game day.

“I don’t expect him to be in my corner,” Jones shared. “I was just saying this recently in an interview, Greg has taught me this whole thing about being an artist and being a great artist and he said, ‘In order to be a great artist, you need a great coach, a great teacher. You need someone who’s always giving you new paint and new paint brushes,’ and that’s what he’ll do leading up to this fight.

“He’ll give me lots of new tactics, lots of new ways of thinking and approaching the sport and then I’m going to have the canvas on April 21st to paint a new masterpiece.”

Evans severed ties with Jackson and his famed academy last year when he believed they favored Jones over him. Because of their divorce, it would be understandable for Jackson to be the calming voice in Jones’ ear when the cage door slams shut.

However, some felt Jackson would be breaking unspoken ‘bro code’ by doing so because he was the one who helped guide Evans to the title not too long ago. Nonetheless, if Jackson wanted to take that route, Evans would have no qualms with it since they haven’t conversed since he started training with the Blackzilians in Boca Raton, Florida.

“We don’t have a relationship, we don’t really talk no more,” Evans frankly stated. “I haven’t talked to Greg in probably a little over a year.”

Jones and Evans finally get to settle their differences at UFC 145. The light heavyweight affair headlines the much-anticipated pay-per-view broadcast.

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