Georges St-Pierre: Nick Diaz Fight Still Needs to Happen

Written by Tom Ngo
March 7th, 2012

UFC Georges St Pierre

No longer than a nanosecond after Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana for the second time in five years did a fiery debate ignite among fanboys regarding why athletic commissions bother screening for the recreational drug and whether it should be considered a performance-enhancer.

UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre (Pictured) doesn’t believe weed is necessarily a PED, although it’s possible Diaz uses ganja to calm his nerves. St-Pierre also suggests Diaz’s defense team will look to find a loophole to get their client out of his latest sticky icky predicament.

“For me, marijuana I don’t think is a performance-enhancing [drug],” St-Pierre told Heavy.com. “I don’t see it as bad as if it would be a steroid or something like that.

“Maybe it could help Nick Diaz because I think he might have problem in front of the camera, he’s very nervous in front of the camera. Maybe the marijuana calm him down and make him perform better. But I’m sure he’s going to find a way with his lawyer to get out of it and we’ll have a fight in the near future.”

While he’s focused squarely on healing his surgically-repaired right knee, and understands a shootout against UFC interim champ Carlos Condit is waiting in the wings, “Rush” professes a scrap against Diaz must go down – despite the fact Mr. 209 is a Pothead Focker who has threatened retirement.

“Tell you the truth, I don’t care if that guy take marijuana or whatever he take,” St-Pierre expressed. “I know there is guy that take stuff that I have fought before and I never said anything – I still [fought them], regardless. It is what it is, he got caught.

“I wanted to have that fight [against Diaz]. I think that it has to happen, [even] if I have to fight Condit first, I think it has to happen for the fans. Also, for me and for him. He thinks he’s better than me, I think I’m better than him, so let’s find out.”

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