Nick Diaz Fights Marijuana Suspension

Written by Tom Ngo
March 13th, 2012

UFC Nick Diaz

UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre suggested Nick Diaz (Pictured) and his legal team would search for a loophole in order to have Diaz’s marijuana suspension lifted. It appears St-Pierre hit the nail right on the head.

Following his unanimous decision defeat to Carlos Condit at UFC 143, Diaz was issued a temporary ban after marijuana metabolites were discovered in his urinalysis.

On March 7th, Ross Goodman, Diaz’s attorney, filed a response to the Nevada State Athletic Commission claiming neither marijuana nor marijuana metabolites are illegal for medical marijuana patients in the state of Nevada or California, where Diaz resides and obtained his hemp license.

Furthermore, marijuana itself was not found in his client’s system, marijuana metabolites were. However, marijuana metabolites are not listed as a banned substance with the World Anti-Doping Agency, whose laws have been adopted by the NSAC.

“Nick Diaz is an authorized medical marijuana patient. As such, he did not test positive for marijuana (which is viewed as a prohibited substance if used without a medical marijuana license). Rather, Mr. Diaz tested for the presence of the inactive metabolite of marijuana known as THC-Carboxylic Acid,” the response read (Obtained by MMAFighting).

“Under Nevada law and in Mr. Diaz’s home state of California, however, neither marijuana nor marijuana metabolite is considered a prohibited substance for users of medical marijuana.”

In addition, per commission standards, marijuana is not prohibited to athletes out-of-competition. Goodman argues that Diaz should fall into that category since he stopped using the drug eight days prior to his February 4th fight.

Diaz obtained his medical marijuana license years ago to help treat his case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The controversial 28-year-old currently faces a year-long suspension. It is the second time in five years he was banned by the NSAC after marijuana metabolites were found in his system. Diaz did not contest his six-month suspension in 2007.

A formal hearing to sentence Diaz was expected to take place in April, but the meeting will likely be pushed back because of Goodman’s response to the commission.

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