UFC Goes Mobile Into iTunes App Store

Written by Tim Ngo
September 19th, 2009

The UFC and MobiTV announced today that the UFC App has officially hit iTunes’ app store. With millions of iPhones and iPod Touches in circulation worldwide, the move made cents … dollars and cents that is. The application will allow fans to stream live pay-per-view events on the go, meaning if you’re not at home, you will never be deprived of UFC action.

The cost of ordering the mobile events is the same as ordering the show from home ($44.95), but it allows people that don’t have access to Yahoo.com or a television to watch the scraps if they so desire.

“This app for iPhone and iPod touch brings fans even closer to their favorite fighters and the action they love, allowing them to tune into live UFC fights and exclusive behind-the-scenes action no matter where they are,” UFC president Dana White said of his company’s new toy.

MobiTV’s UFC app costs only $.99, but remember that it’s only the platform in which to order the events. You still have to shell out the $44.95 to watch the actual PPV broadcasts.

You can get the app by going to the iTunes app store and typing in “UFC” in the search box.

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