Dana White: Roy Nelson Has Not Applied Himself

Written by Tom Ngo
March 29th, 2012

UFC Roy Big Country Nelson

Prior to accepting a UFC 146 shootout against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, Roy Nelson (Pictured) teased fans with the possibility of dropping to the light heavyweight division. While his potential relocation intrigued the mixed martial arts community, UFC president Dana White believes it would be nearly impossible for “Big Country” to make the move.

“I don’t know how that guy makes 205, he has enough trouble getting down to 250. I would be shocked,” White stated following this week’s press conference. “You gotta to want to do it. You gotta to want to get in there, take it serious. Seriously diet, seriously train and then you’re going to have to cut weight the day of the fight.

“As long as I’ve known Roy Nelson, as long as he’s been in this business, he’s been big.”

Ever since taking “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights” tournament to solidify his spot in the big leagues, White has publically petitioned for Nelson to enforce a stricter diet in order to reach his full potential. However, his days of nudging Nelson are over.

“I’m done. I’m done with it. I’ve encouraged him to shave his face and cut his hair, too, but he doesn’t want to listen to that, either. So, whatever,” White expressed. “Listen, he’s a tough guy with a ton of heart. He goes in there and he gives it his everything. My thing is I’ve always said to him, ‘I’d love to see you take this thing serious and rip off some weight and try to fight.’

“If he really could get to 205, he’d be a force at 205. He’d be a scary dude. He’s got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart and has knockout power. Who knows what Roy Nelson could really achieve if he applied himself?”

Nelson owns a 16-7 professional record, with all of the former IFL champion’s fights coming in the heavyweight class. He’s won half of his six scraps inside the Octagon.

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