Chael Sonnen’s Book Hits Shelves May 15th

Written by Tom Ngo
April 16th, 2012

Chael Sonnen VIP Pass to Enlightenment

On May 15th, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen can officially cross ‘Writer’ off his bucket list. That’s when Sonnen’s “The Voice of Reason: A V.I.P. Pass to Enlightenment” will be hitting your local bookstore’s shelves.

The book is “a hybrid behind-the-scenes look into the sport of mixed martial arts, a personal memoir, and a political manifesto on the way the world should be all rolled into one.”

According to Uncle Chael, the piece is something that just had to be done.

“This book had to be written,” Sonnen stated. “The world demanded it and as the people’s unofficial leader, I felt compelled to bestow upon them the truth as they needed to see it … through my own eyes. I know how the world works.

“I’ve been face-to-face with presidents, wardens, dignitaries, judges, kings and queens, and athletic commissions and learned something from every one of them. Now it’s time to pass that knowledge along.”

Fans can pre-order the hardcover on Amazon for $14.85.

Sonnen now joins the ranks of Forrest Griffin, Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Chuck Liddell, Brock Lesnar and Tito Ortiz as UFC fighters to have released a book.

As for his day job, Sonnen is scheduled to challenge Anderson Silva for his 185-pound crown at UFC 147.

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