Rampage Hit Hard With a… Decision?

Written by Tim Ngo
July 6th, 2008

Unanimous decisions are supposed to be clear-cut right? Then how come people started raising their eyebrows after Forrest Griffin was announced as the new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion by Bruce Buffer? The incumbent champ, Quentin “Rampage” Jacksonwas graciuos in defeat during his post-fight Octagon interview as he had nothing bad to say about Griffin. But in his locker room after the fight he said, “I can’t believe they gave him [Forrest Griffin] that decision. I know I won the first, but I know I lost the second round because my leg was hurtin’ real bad and I was just keeping him from damaging me a lot.”

Two judges gave Griffin a 48-47 decision, while one judge was watching god knows what and gave Griffin a 49-46 decision (a virtual shutout). When you look over the fight in its entirety, maybe Jackson didn’t do as much as you would’ve like him to, but he’s the champion and as Jackson put it, “I feel like if you’re the champ you know what I’m saying, you gotta beat the champ, but it was unanimous. I’m not a judge.”

If you look over the 5thRound.com scoring during our Play-by-Play of UFC 86, we had Jackson taking the 1stRound 10-9 after dropping Griffin badly with an uppercut.

The 2ndRound was pure domination by Griffin after he injured Jackson’s leg, but Griffin didn’t do any damage on the mat so nobody can score that a 10-8. We gave it to Griffin, 10-9.

The 3rdRound was the closest round in our opinion, but in the exchanges that took place during the round, Jackson clearly got the better of them with his harder strikes. We narrowly gave Jackson the 3rd, 10-9.

In the 4thRound, Jackson scored an early takedown and was able to cut Griffin over his right eye. Griffin did nearly catch Rampage in a triangle choke, but Jackson was easily able to escape with a mini-powerbomb. When they got back on their feet towards the end of the round Griffin was more active, but he had spent too much time on his back after getting taken down. Jackson took the 4thRound, 10-9.

The 5th and deciding round felt more like the 1st with both fighters trying to feel each other out with strikes. Not much to note in the round other than Griffin being more active and landing more strikes. Griffin took the 5thRound, 10-9.

In our scoring, Jackson should’ve won the fight 48-47, but like they always say, you can’t leave it in the judge’s hands. As we are often told, you should have to decisively beat the champ to take a decision form them. With the sold out crowd raining down a chorus of boos as the fan favorite grabbed the mic for the first time as champ, we beg to question if Forest is REALLY deserving of being the champion.

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