Junior dos Santos: It Would be Unfair to Me to Fight Alistair Overeem

Written by Tom Ngo
April 12th, 2012

UFC Heavyweight Junior dos Santos

Although the Nevada State Athletic Commission busted Alistair Overeem for having more than twice the permitted amount of testosterone in his system, the UFC is holding out hope they’ll still issue him a fight license to challenge heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos (Pictured) for his crown at UFC 146.

According to the trusty rumor mill, Overeem might try to play the Testosterone Replacement Therapy card when he pleads his case before the NSAC on April 24th. The controversial kickboxer had never previously failed a drug test prior to last month’s unannounced screening.

If the commission allows Overeem to keep his May 26th appointment, dos Santos doesn’t believe they will be battling on an even playing field.

“If the athletic commission and the UFC want, I’ll fight him,” dos Santos told Globo (via Google Translate). “I am a fighter and will be there to fight, but it is sure to be a disrespect to MMA and how serious this is sport. This will also be unfair, it will be unfair to me. I’ve never used these devices to gain strength.

“If Overeem is more aggressive and stronger, the more he will resist blows and it will be difficult for me. If I lose it will be unfair. He will not have fought better than I have fought [if he’s] doped.”

The extent to how dirty the sport of mixed martial arts is varies depending upon which pundits you ask. However, dos Santos continues to highlight the fact he’s always been clean and urges for the powers that be to ensure his peers follow his lead.

In fact, “Cigano” is one of the few fighters out there pushing for the most stringent screenings available. Furthermore, the surprise route is definitely the way to go.

“I think the right thing to do is blood tests on fighters, as it’s done in the Olympics. Not the urine, since the blood is easier to detect these illegal substances,” dos Santos expressed. “We want to know who the best really is. Not to know the best liar.

“Being a world champion making use of a lot of drugs, that’s not being champion. I can clearly say that I am the champion without ever having the use of any illegal substances in order to get there. I favor more rigorous tests to assess whether someone is doped. It has to be a clean sport and these tests should occur more surprises.”

Regardless of what happens at Overeem’s hearing, UFC president Dana White has promised dos Santos will defend his crown Memorial Day weekend no matter what.

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