‘The Ultimate Fighter: Live’ Episode 6 Recap and Quotes

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
April 14th, 2012

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The sixth episode of “The Ultimate Fighter: Live,” entitled “Dog With No Bark,” aired Friday evening on FX. Team Faber managed to collect their third consecutive victory to take the season lead 3-2 over Team Cruz.

Joe Proctor submitted Chris Tickle via rear-naked choke at 4:42 in the 1stRound of their lightweight affair. With the win, Team Faber selected the next matchup and decided to pit John Cofer against Vinc Pichel.

Don’t forget to catch next Friday’s episode at 10PM ET (7PM PT satellite) on FX.

Here is what last night’s stars had to say:

UFC President Dana White:

“Great finish! In the first round, I actually had Tickle picking him apart. He hit Proctor with some big shots and Proctor ate some solid punches. Then, Tickle goes down and Proctor took his back, put his hooks in and secured that choke.

“I thought Joe looked good but it looks like he’s going to need a lot of stand-up work. If he faces a guy in this competition that hasbetter stand-up and better Jiu Jitsu, he’s in trouble.”

Joe Proctor:

“Tickle’s tough. I didn’t want to come in and extend and get caught with something stupid. We had a good game plan to weather the storm for the first half and if a takedown was there, take it. I took it and I finished my fight.”

Urijah Faber:

“I’m excited. These guys have been working their butts off. The goal with Proctor was to weather the storm. Tickle comes out firing with big punches, we knew that going in. Reckless abandonment. Proctor is a little slower, more poised and is a stud. We told him he had to make it through the two-and-a-half minute mark, and after that it’s your fight.

“All these match-ups coming up are going to be pretty tough. So we went with a match-up that pitted two guys with different styles. Pichel is a dangerous fighter for sure. He’s got a real strong mental game, I can tell by talking to him. Cofer’s really strong also. He’s a south paw and he’s a wrestler and that’s Pichel’s weakness.”

Chris Tickle:

“I stuck to my game plan. I knew he was going to try and wrestle and take me down. I heard my corner telling me to get away from the cage. Ithought I was far enough away – but I wasn’t. I made a mistake and didn’t listen to my corner well enough and he capitalized on it. It sucks. I was winning the fight and working hard. I’m so sorry. I put all this work and this effort coming into this fight and I failed. I’m still learning and hopefully next time I’ll get the W.”

Dominick Cruz:

“I’m pissed off because Tickle shouldn’t have lost that fight. He was winning. He was beating the hell out of the dude. It comes down to practice. It comes down to what you do in practice, is what you do in a fight. When you take that 15 seconds off in practice, you take that 15 seconds off in a fight. That 15 seconds cost him the fight.

“That’s exactly the match I was going to choose after I thought we were going to win tonight. So, I’m happy with it. Pichel is an animal. Pichel listens. Pichel never quits. He never gets tired and he’s got a huge opportunity in front of him and he’s going to seize the opportunity.”

John Cofer:

“I can’t wait for next week. I’m not taking this fight lightly at all. I want to go in there and get the win. I’m looking for Team Faber to keep winning.”

Vinc Pichel:

“I’m pumped. I’m going to beat Cofer bad, you guys might feel sorry for him after what I am going to do to him. He is going to regret taking the fight. I’m going to do what I do best, kick his ass.”

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