White: Anderson Silva Two Fights Away From Cleaning Out Middleweight Division

Written by Tom Ngo
September 29th, 2009

Well, most people thought that UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva did it a while ago, but president Dana White sates that the striker is still two scraps away from waxing the 185-pound division completely clean. Here’s what America’s favorite MMA promoter had to say about his prized employee.

“He’s probably two fights away from literally emptying out the middleweight division,” White said. “But that’s great. I think in my opinion, that’s what makes fighters great. When there’s not another guy standing where people go, ‘What about him? He might win.’ When they’re all gone, then the guy moves up to the next weight class and does the same thing. I think that’s what makes guys legendary, fighters that people remember forever.”

Since emerging on the Octagon scene back in June 2006 when he highlight-reeled Chris Leben into unconsciousness, Silva has  won ten consecutive scraps. It’s gotten so bad that the Brazilian looked disenchanted, if not completely bored, as he has collected his last few W’s.

Nonetheless, that resume doesn’t appear to be enough to satisfy White. The flamboyant Prez claims that if Silva can roll past Vitor Belfort at UFC 108, he would still have one final middleweight opponent to beat before he can claim the entire division as his very own.

“I wouldn’t want to see [Silva] vacate the title until everybody’s gone,” White said. “I’ll give you an example. Let’s say Vitor (Belfort) comes in, and Vitor has to fight Dan Henderson and (Nate) Marquardt, and he goes right in and knocks both of them out in the first round. Anderson vacated the title, and people go, ‘Oh, Vitor would have beat him.’ You annihilate everybody. You don’t leave a guy standing in the division, and then you move.”

From a fan’s perspective, it doesn’t matter what division he fights in as long as his opponent is a worthy one.  So if that’s the case, the UFC’s light heavyweight division offers more box office bouts than the superstar-deprived middleweight class.

However, White appears hell-bent on seeing Silva face the Marquardt/Hendo winner before he allows “The Spider” to relinquish his crown in favor of 205-lb. gold.

Let’s keep in mind that Silva’s already 34-years-old and appears to be losing more and more interest in fighting by the second. At this point, there isn’t any need to waste his time with anything that isn’t blockbuster.

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