‘UFC 145: Jones vs. Evans’ Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

Written by Tim Ngo
April 22nd, 2012

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

For those of you who didn’t want to sit through the UFC 145 post-fight press conference, but still want to know what went down at the powwow, no worries because we’ve jotted down the key points discussed during the 41-minute Q&A session.

UFC 145 took place inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here’s what the stars of Saturday night’s event had to say:

UFC president Dana White likes that people think Dan Henderson can beat Jon Jones (Pictured).

White claims it’s tough to put anyone ahead of Anderson Silva on the pound-for-pound list.

According to White, the main event was so big that it overshadowed the entire card.

Per White, Rory MacDonald proved he’s the real deal.

White was scared after the Mark Bocek fight because they were 30 minutes over the pay-per-view window when they started tonight.

Mexico has proven tough to get a TV deal, White thought it would’ve been done by now.

White stated Dan Henderson gets next dibs at Jones’ title.

Rashad Evans says he’s going to remain a light heavyweight. He’s only lost twice and to good competitors, but if an opportunity happens at middleweight, he’d take it. He’s confident he can work his way back up at 205.

Jones admits to feeling a bit intimidated at some points. He didn’t fight as cleanly as he would have liked. He respects Rashad and thanks him for taking the fight.

Jones was wobbled by Evnas, but he wasn’t hurt when he was rocked.

White was impressed with Ben Rothwell. He suggested Rothwell could face Cain Velasquez at UFC 146.

Jones is excited to fight Henderson. He claims Hendo has extreme KO power and a large fanbase, so he’s sure the haters will come out in droves.

“Bones” felt like he fought himself in addition to Evans because Rashad did “big brother” him a few times in camp.

Jones wants to rekindle respect and communication with Evans. He believes Evans has to respect him to some degree.

He says it’s easy to hang out with Evans and he hopes to settle things privately in the future.

Evans believes he and Jones will probably meet again somewhere down the line.

“Suga” says he was fighting from his gut and didn’t want to let Jones know how badly he was hurt.

White said UFC was at the deadline for promoting UFC 146 PPV and they aren’t optimistic about Alistair Overeem’s Tuesday hearing.  That’s why they promoted Frank Mir to the title fight against Junior dos Santos.

White says he and Chael Sonnen are on their way to Brazil tonight.

Evans says it remains to be seen whether or not Jones will reach Anderson Silva’s level, but he appears to be on his way there.

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