Jim Miller Takes ‘It’s Miller Time’ to a Whole New Level

Written by Tom Ngo
April 30th, 2012

UFC Jim Miller

It has become cliché to hear Miller Brewing Company’s “It’s Miller Time” slogan used whenever an athlete with the last name Miller does something of significance. However, UFC lightweight Jim Miller (Pictured) takes the played out pitch to a whole new level. Not just for his stellar performances inside the Octagon, but because he actually brews his own beers.

One of the many benefits of cooking up personalized batches is that the best parts of the beer remain in the bottle and don’t get weeded out. This affords Miller the luxury of having a sip or two during training camp despite the fact he’s preparing his body for war.

“I had a beer a week ago,” Miller told UFC.com. “I do it in moderation, of course. I don’t drink to get drunk and when I drink I’m not usually in social situations. I might have a beer or two with dinner every now and then. Being that I brew it myself, it’s better for you because it’s not filtered and there are better nutrients for you.”

Miller boasts that his specialties are brown ales and American red ales, but his talents certainly don’t end with beers. He also makes his own Jesus Juice.

“I like variety,” Miller admitted. “I’ll make wine and give it out for the holidays. For the wine cover I kind of depict myself in pink, pretty horribly, put that on the bottles and give away beers, cabernets or pinot noir.”

It’s Miller Time (sorry, I had to) this Saturday when the 155-pounder headlines the UFC’s third show on FOX opposite Nate Diaz. If Miller manages to collect his second consecutive victory, I already know the bubbly of choice he’ll be celebrating with backstage.

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