‘UFC on FOX: Diaz vs. Miller’ Live Results and Play-by-Play

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
May 5th, 2012

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“UFC on FOX: Diaz vs. Miller” took place Saturday night inside IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

A five-round lightweight affair between Nate Diaz and Jim Miller headlined the show. Welterweights Josh Koscheck and Johny Hendricks served as the card’s co-featured attraction.

Here are the official results and play-by-play from tonight’s action:

Preliminary Card:

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Karlos Vemola Defeated Mike Massenzio via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1:07 in the 2ndRound

1stRound: Vemola scores with an inside leg kick, but Massenzio answers with a flurry to the face. He goes in for a takedown, though Vemola attempts a guillotine choke on the way to the mat. Massenzio manages to escape and is now in top position. They are back to their feet. Massenzio connects on a one-two combination. Massenzio plants him on the mat for a brief moment. Vemola secures a slam just before the horn blares. Massenzio, 10-9.

2ndRound: Vemola gets him on the ground in under a minute. He jumps on his back and is bringing the pain. Vemola slaps on a rear-naked choke, without any hooks in, and Massenzio is forced to cry uncle.

Roland Delorme Defeated Nick Denis via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) at 4:59 in the 1stRound

1stRound: Fast and furious scrambles to start things off. Delorme attempts a trip, but Denis reverses and spins him to the mat. Delorme tries an armbar off his back to no avail. Delorme gets to his feet, but eats a one-two combo for his efforts. Delorme gets rocked with two big right hands. Denis going in for the kill and nails him with several knees while in the clinch. Delorme comes firing back and stuns him with a right. And now a left. Delorme gets him to the canvas and locks in a rear-naked choke. Denis is forced to tap with just one tick remaining in the frame. What a rally. Great fight.


Dennis Bermudez Defeated Pablo Garza via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: Bermudez slams him to the ground within seconds. Garza gets back to his feet, but is clinched against the fence. Bermudez picks him up and drops him to the mat again. Garza almost caught him in a triangle choke. Bermudez eats and up-kick and is stunned for a brief second. Garza gets tossed to the mat once again. Bermudez, 10-9.

2ndRound: Bermudez is relentless with his takedown attempts and secures another powerful slam. He’s dropping some short elbows while in Garza’s full guard. Garza is doing a solid job of avoiding damage, but his opponent is simply smothering him like a wet blanket. Bermudez body slams him once again. Bermudez, 10-9.

3rdRound: Garza finds himself on his back yet again. Bermudez is draped all over him. Third verse, same as the first (and second). Bermudez takes his back and attempts a rear-naked choke, but not enough time. Bermudez, 10-9, and sweeps the cards, 30-27.

Danny Castillo Defeated John Cholish via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: Cholish thwarts a takedown attempt and scores with a nice combination. He slips on a head kick and Castillo tries a choke to no avail. Castillo clocks him with a big right hand. Crowd boos due to lack of action. Close round to score. Cholish, 10-9.

2ndRound: Cholish ducks under a right punch and leads Castillo to the ground. They get back to their feet. Audience once again voicing its displeasure. Cholish utilizing his left jab very well. Castillo counters with a vicious right uppercut. He slams Cholish to the ground just before the horn sounds. Castillo, 10-9.

3rdRound: Castillo gets a takedown, but Cholish attempts a leg lock. They are now clinching against the cage. Castillo eats a jab. Another tough stanza to score. Castillo, 10-9, and rallied to win the scrap, 29-28.

Louis Gaudinot Defeated John Lineker via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:54 in the 2ndRound

1stRound: The flyweights are flinging the leather early. Lineker appears to be landing more shots, but Gaudinot is right there exchanging with him. Exciting fight in that they are trading a lot of punches, but not very technically sound. Lineker is tagging him with body shots. Gaudinot scores a takedown and is active with his assault. Lineker tries a leg lock. Lineker, 10-9.

2ndRound: Gaudinot’s left side is getting lit up with body shots. Another vicious flurry by both fighters as they exchange bombs in the pocket. Lineker appears to have stunned his opponent for a brief moment. He scores on another combination. Gaudinot secures a takedown and connected on some solid ground-and-pound. Lineker gets to his feet and takes Gaudinot with him. Gaudinot slaps on a guillotine choke and puts Lineker to sleep with just a couple of ticks remaining in the frame.

John Hathaway Defeated Pascal Krauss via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: Much jousting to start the scrap. Hathaway rocks him with a knee to the grill and pounces. Krauss seems to have recovered and has him locked in his full guard. Hathaway lets him back up. Krauss trips his opponent to the mat. Hathaway, 10-9.

2ndRound: Hathaway charges ahead and plants him on the canvas. Krauss is on the receiving end of some solid ground-and-pound. Krauss fights his way to his feet. Fairly uneventful bout thus far. Hathaway, 10-9.

3rdRound: Hathaway picks him up and leads him to the ground with four minutes to go. Krauss wiggles to his feet. Hathaway is going to town with his flying knees, landing several of them to the dome. Krauss is bleeding pretty badly from his nose. Hathaway, 10-9, and runs the table, 30-27.

John Dodson Defeated Tim Elliott via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28,)

1stRound: Elliot is throwing everything but the kitchen sink in the opening minute. Wild affair early, but nothing significant connecting for either fighter. Dodson scores on a knee to the face. Dodson catches a kick and trips him to the mat for a second. Elliott takes an accidental thumb to the eye and time is called. Game on. Dodson, 10-9.

2ndRound: Elliott is having issues with the left eye he took a finger in, but he’s still very aggressive with his attack. He tags Dodson with a right to the jaw. Elliott eats a punch to the groin and time is called. Game on. Dodson secures a big slam for a moment, but Elliott springs back up and lands two knees to the body. Anther tight round to score. Elliott, 10-9.

3rdRound: A lot of back-and-forth action, with Elliott appearing to be the more active fighter. Dodson isn’t unleashing his left hand at all, it might be hurt. Elliott scores with a nice combo and follows up with a flurry. Elliott catches a kick and fires off bombs. Elliott, 10-9, and pulls off the upset, 29-28.

Michael Johnson Defeated Tony Ferguson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

1stRound: Straight kickboxing bout for most of the opening minutes. Johnson drops him with a left, but Ferguson gets right back up and comes firing back. Johnson has found a home for his left hand, and it’s on the side of Ferguson’s face. Ferguson tags him with a body kick and follows up with a right hand. Johnson, 10-9.

2ndRound: Johnson lands a one-two combo. Ferguson tags him with an uppercut, but eats a right for his troubles. Crowd is not happy with the lack of action in the cage. Johnson clobbers him with another left hand. Johnson, 10-9.

3rdRound: Johnson catches a kick and connects on some punches. Ferguson answers back and wobbles him with a right. Johnson recovers and clocks him with a vicious left hand. The crowd is not happy. Johnson closes out the fight with several left bombs. Johnson, 10-9, and cleans up, 30-37.

Main Card:


Lavar Johnson Defeated Pat Barry via TKO (Punches) 4:38 in the 1stRound

1stRound: As expected, the heavyweights are flinging the leather early. Barry starts off with a vicious leg kick and Johnson comes with some big shots to the dome. Barry goes for a takedown and eventually gets it. He immediately moves to side mount … surprising. Barry attempts an Americana submission, which is even a bigger shock. Barry is now working some decent GnP. Johnson gets to his feet and wobbles Barry with a kick to the body and goes in for the kill. He is REALLY laying the lumber, tagging him with uppercuts and an assortment of other punches. Barry is just standing against the fence trying to block the bombs. It’s a wrap.

Alan Belcher Defeated Rousimar Palhares via TKO (Strikes) at 4:18 in the 1stRound

1stRound: Palhares explodes for a takedown and gets it. However, Belcher has the jiu jitsu specialist caught in an awkward position, almost in a twister. Palhares gets a hold of his right leg and is looking to snap it in two. Belcher is doing a good job of defending and finally gets free. Belcher moves to top position and is unleashing some vicious GnP – elbows and punches. As T.I. said,”Goodnight, it’s over with, that’s all she wrote.”

Johny Hendricks Defeated Josh Koscheck via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

1stRound: It appears Hendricks took an accidental poke in his right eye, but there’s no stoppage in the action. Koscheck thinks he can capitalize and unleashes some big punches. Hendricks has him clinched against the fence, perhaps to buy some time. They are separated. Hendricks tags him with a left hand. Kos answers with a right. Crowd chants, “F*** you, Koscheck.” Difficult round to score. Koscheck, 10-9.

2ndRound: Hendricks is more aggressive to start the middle frame, scoring with an uppercut. Koscheck gets him down and immediately takes his back. Hendricks gets free and shoots on Kos. Hendricks has him clinched against the cage and is kneeing his legs. They are separated. The action has slowed quite a bit, but Hendricks was much more active in this stanza. Hendricks, 10-9.

3rdRound: The area around Kos’ right eye is really starting to swell. He has Hendricks clinched against the cage while going for a takedown. Hendricks clobbers him with three straight punches to the dome. Koscheck answers back, but got the worse of that exchange. Koscheck secures a takedown, though ate a knee for his troubles. He’s doing just enough to maintain top position. Koscheck was on top for the final 90 seconds. Was it enough to steal the round/fight? Hendricks, 10-9, and wins the fight, 29-28.

Nate Diaz Defeated Jim Miller via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:09 in the 2ndRound

1stRound: Miller has him clinched against the fence and is trying to drag Diaz to the canvas. Miller unloading a lot of kicks early. Diaz counters with two punches to the grill. Miller working hard for a single-leg takedown and Diaz makes him pay with a knee to the midsection. Miller lands another leg kick. Diaz drops him with a straight left hand. Diaz, 10-9.

2ndRound: Miller scores on a short elbow as they separate from the clinch. Miller gets him with a left hook. Diaz is taunting his opponent and Miller attempts a flying knee that just misses. Miller shoots for a takedown, but Diaz catches him with a guillotine choke on the way down. Miller is forced to tap out.

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