Dana White on Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson: The Feeling is Mutual

Written by Tom Ngo
May 4th, 2012

UFC Light Heavyweight Quinton Rampage Jackson

As Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (Pictured) continues his global anti-UFC campaign, bashing the planet’s premier mixed martial arts promotion around each and every turn, the former light heavyweight champ’s antics are starting to irk UFC president Dana White.

While Rampage has publicly blasted the UFC for their inadequate pay structure and lack of appreciation, White was quick to point out they stuck by the troubled fighter during some of his darkest days. Although it may have been swept under the rug, it wasn’t too long ago when Rampage was arrested for playing bumper cars while zipping through Southern California’s streets.

“Rampage is obviously not happy with the UFC,” White stated following Thursday’s press conference. “No big deal, brother. You don’t want to be here anymore. The way I always look at it is, we have this mutual relationship with the fighters. Do we always see eye-to-eye? Do we always get along? Whatever the deal might be, as far as money goes, everybody needs to make more money.

“What we do is, we go in and we negotiate deals that work for everybody. We’ve been good to everybody that we’ve ever dealt with. We’ve never screwed anybody over, including Rampage. And you want to talk about a guy that we went to bat for? We’ve gone to bat for him many times.”

The UFC has already stated they won’t attempt to re-sign Rampage once his contract expires following his next fight, but the 33-year-old would like to be released ASAP. While they have been cordial with each other in the past, it appears things have gotten to the point where White’s also counting down the days until he can cut Rampage loose.

“If he’s unhappy with us, doesn’t like us and doesn’t want to be with us anymore, then the feeling is mutual,” White deadpanned.

Rampage was tentatively scheduled to wrap up his UFC career in a rematch against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. However, Rampage was forced to undergo surgery on both of his knees in March and has been on the mend ever since.

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