Dana White Will Address Fighter Behavior at Upcoming UFC Summit

Written by Tom Ngo
May 4th, 2012

UFC President Dana White

UFC president Dana White (Pictured) turned a deaf ear to the Culinary Union when they requested the world’s premier mixed martial arts promotion to crack down on their athletes for inappropriate behavior. However, White got Dumbo ears when Anheuser-Busch threatened “they will act” if their fighters didn’t start minding their P’s and Q’s.

Understanding the necessity of pleasing one of his biggest corporate sponsors, White claimed following Thursday’s press conference that the top priority at this year’s fighter summit will be the need to act as politically correct as possible.

“NBA, NFL, they all go through the same thing,” White expressed. “It’s no different than what they go through, too. It is absolutely something that needs to be addressed by us.

“Stuff is going to happen. Things are going to slip out. It happens and I have to deal with it when it happens. I’ve done it. I’m not going to act like Mr. Holier than Thou. I’ve done it myself. You do it. It happens. It’s one of those things you handle after it happens.”

As far as those who believe A-B should have known about White’s outspoken, and often unfiltered, ways prior to inking a multi-year agreement with the UFC in April 2011, he feels the same way.

“Listen, if you’ve ever watched the sport, you knew what you were getting into with me,” White stated. “It’s not like all of a sudden I lost my mind and started saying stupid [expletive]. I’ve been saying it for 11 years, so they knew what they were getting into.”

White wasn’t certain when this year’s fighter summit would take place, but claimed it might happen as early as next month. Last year’s meeting was held in the first week of May and focused heavily on fighters maximizing their social media exposure.

Some of their athletes took the lessons they learned at the powwow to another level and found themselves is hot water. When all else fails, White suggests to use the good ol’ noggin.

“There’s only so many characters on Twitter and you can’t explain the context in which you sent the text. You just have to use common sense,” White said in closing.

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