Nick Diaz Pulls ANOTHER No-Show, This Time at World Jiu Jitsu Expo

Written by Tom Ngo
May 12th, 2012

UFC Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz (Pictured) was slated to face Braulio Estima at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo Saturday at the Hilton Long Beach Hotel in California. Unfortunately for everyone in attendance and those who paid $9.95 to watch from home, Diaz was nowhere to be found.

Estima came in 9 pounds over the weight limit at Friday’s weigh-ins, but he ultimately hit the 180-pound mark earlier this morning. Word is the UFC welterweight was told last night his opponent wouldn’t make weight and that’s when Diaz decided not to attend the exhibition.

“This is a very sad situation for me, I came all the way from the U.K.,” Estima stated. “Woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning for one-and-a-half hours in the sauna, made weight at 180 pounds.

“I’m here as a professional athlete. Mr. Diaz is supposed to be here, all the things about agreeing for it to be for charity, he doesn’t even show up.”

Although Diaz’s absence baffled nearly everybody, Estima knows exactly why Mr. 209 went MIA.

“I can understand he didn’t come because it would be a very tough match for him,” Estima added. “I was ready for it, I was going to be the first one to tap him.”

This isn’t the first time Diaz has no-showed to an important function. The 28-year-old missed three separate flights to promote his pay-per-view scrap against UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre. He was subsequently pulled from the blockbuster bout.

Diaz’s longtime manager, Cesar Gracie, provided very little information regarding his protégé’s whereabouts.

“Nick is out,” Gracie tweeted.

Um, thanks, Cesar. We know…

Diaz is currently serving a temporary suspension from mixed martial arts after testing positive for having marijuana metabolites in his system following February’s loss to Carlos Condit at UFC 143.

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