Nick Diaz FINALLY Gets to Address NSAC Regarding Drug Suspension

Written by Tom Ngo
May 14th, 2012

UFC Nick Diaz Strikeforce

Better late than never. Ninety-five days after marijuana metabolites were discovered in Nick Diaz’s (Pictured) system and 82 days after the Nevada State Athletic Commission issued him a temporary suspension, the controversial UFC welterweight will finally get the opportunity to plead his case before the board.

On Monday, Nevada District Court judge Rob Bare denied an injunction request by Diaz’s attorney, Ross Goodman, to overturn his client’s ban. However, Bare did state Diaz needs to be given a hearing by the NSAC, which will take place May 21st.

Diaz was not in Las Vegas for today’s meeting.

On April 26th, Diaz sued the NSAC claiming they violated his right to due process by not allowing him to present his defense within 45 days of his temporary suspension.

When Team Diaz stands before the committee, they will argue neither marijuana nor marijuana metabolites are illegal for medical marijuana patients in the state of Nevada or California, where Diaz resides and obtained his hemp license.

Furthermore, marijuana itself was not found in his client’s system, marijuana metabolites were. However, marijuana metabolites are not listed as a banned substance by the NSAC.

The 28-year-old currently faces a year-long suspension for flunking his UFC 143 drug test. It is the second time in five years he was banned by the NSAC after marijuana metabolites were found in his system.

Diaz did not contest his six-month suspension in 2007.

Ironically, Diaz retired from mixed martial arts after his controversial loss to Carlos Condit and has not shown any interest in returning to the sport.

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