Thomas Denny Calls Nick Diaz "Unprofessional"

Written by Tim Ngo
July 11th, 2008

During today’s EliteXC conference call, Thomas Denny made sure his feelings were known regarding Nick Diaz’ recent problem with making weight at a recent EliteXC event. Denny went as far as saying, “if he comes in 9 pounds overweight, yeah the fight’s not going to happen.” Diaz was a no-show at today’s conference call. We assume that he was training for his fight with Denny on July 26th.

The fight will take place in Diaz’ hometown of Stockton, California on July 26th as part of CBS’ “Saturday Night Fights.” Denny said the home field advantage wouldn’t be much of a factor as it, “Doesn’t matter, it’s just him [Diaz] and I when you get in there.”

When asked about Diaz weighing in nine pounds heavy, Denny said, “It’s unprofessional.”

However, Denny knows that he has his work cut out for him on July 26th. “His [Diaz’] hard head, the guy takes a beating. He’s a real durable guy, he doesn’t care if he’s bleeding,” Denny went on to say.

When asked what a win over Diaz would do for his career, Denny responded, “It shoots me to the top man. It hopefully sets me up for a fight with KJ [Noons] or Yves [Edwards].”

“The Wildman” as he is known, is hoping that Diaz comes into this fight like he has his last couple. “I hope he comes at me like he has in his last few fights. He’s looked a little slow and sluggish,” said Denny.

If Diaz overlooks Denny, it could be the biggest win of Denny’s career.

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