Chael Sonnen Wins Jim Rome’s 2012 Smackoff (Audio)

Written by Tom Ngo
May 18th, 2012

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

If you’re one of Jim Rome’s “Clones,” you already understand what his annual “Smackoff” is all about. For those of you who aren’t regulars to The Jim Rome Show, the Smackoff invites select listeners to provide their best rant, with Rome and his personnel determining the winner.

The contest is a way to recognize the radio show’s best callers, as well as a means of determining the year’s top dog.

Guess which UFC fighter was a surprise participant in this year’s competition? None other than Chael P. Sonnen (Pictured). The middleweight top contender is known as MMA’s most articulate trash talker, so Rome’s contest fits right in his wheelhouse.

Surprisingly, Sonnen didn’t mention anything about Anderson Silva or Brazilians. Perhaps he’s saving his best material for UFC 148 fight week. However, he did touch on Wayne Gretzky’s smokin’ hot daughter, the Kardashians’ propensity to smooth NBA players, the redundancy of NASCAR and everything in between.

His performance was so impressive that he was awarded with the 2012 Smackoff crown. Of course, the Clones immediately come out crying conspiracy.

“Some of you: “Fix was in. Rome wanted a celebrity to win.” Right. Jay Mohr has never won. Jim Harbaugh was hammered for his appearance,” Rome tweeted. “I did what I’ve done 18 times now: given it to the best caller. There were a half dozen incredible calls. Sonnen’s was the best.”

Please click the media player below to hear Sonnen’s spiel:

Mike in Indy came in second. Was his tirade better than Uncle Chael’s?:

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