Frank Mir Takes Mature Outlook Into UFC 146 Title Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
May 25th, 2012

UFC Frank Mir

As a former two-time UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir (Pictured) has already been around the block and back. That’s why the 33-year-old has acted as cool as a cucumber heading into Saturday’s showdown against reigning champ Junior dos Santos, despite the fact he’s a whopping 4-to-1 underdog.

Although Mir fully expects to leave Las Vegas with the title wrapped around his waist, he knows the world won’t end if he can’t serve up an upset special at UFC 146.

“I think putting things in perspective helps,” Mir said of the cruel fight game. “I realized that, guess what guys, Sunday, I’m gonna get asked the same questions no matter what happens on Saturday – ‘Who’s next? What’s next for you? Are you gonna retire or you gonna keep up with the fight?’

“Those are questions that whether I’m the champ, they’re gonna ask me. If I end up not being successful Saturday night, they’re gonna ask me. Life moves on, and guess what, the next card is gonna happen and I’ll be forgotten. Just like that card will be forgotten the next day.”

In September of 2004, Mir suffered a horrific motorcycle accident just three months after capturing the UFC crown. The road to recovery was a long and arduous one, but he managed to claw his way back up the 265-pound totem pole. Perhaps that’s why Mir is at peace with whatever fate has in store for him this weekend.

“You do your best, you approach life, you got to realize you go home to your wife and kids and they are healthy and happy. Everything else is a bonus at this point,” Mir expressed in closing.

UFC 146 takes place inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Nevada.

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