Jason Miller Discusses Backstage ‘Incident’ at UFC 146

Written by Tom Ngo
May 29th, 2012

UFC Jason Miller

When UFC president Dana White fired Jason Miller (Pictured) on Saturday, White made it seem as though a post-fight incident backstage was the primary reason he issued the middleweight his walking papers. According to “Mayhem,” nothing out of the ordinary took place behind the curtain outside of a wardrobe problem, and that happened prior to his unanimous decision loss to C.B. Dollaway.

“I wouldn’t call it an incident,” Miller told The MMA Hour. “It was my mask. [UFC coordinator Burt Watson] suddenly started yelling about my mask. I had a gas mask for the troops underneath my paper bag, the crazy paper bag that I painted, and Burt started telling me right as I’m walking out to fight. I’m trying to get focused there, instead of arguing about a paper bag.

“Maybe it was my fault, I thought we had a understanding once I start walking to the cage that now I’m working. I wish I would have heard about it before so it would be easier to deal with, but I am walking to the cage and suddenly I started getting yelled at. I’m like, ‘What, I’m trying to focus here.'”

Miller acknowledged he was already on a shorter leash than his co-workers since he hasn’t always been a company man. Parlaying that with back-to-back lackluster losses and the mask was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I wasn’t hiding that mask thing,” Miller expressed. “It was out and open in the locker room, everybody’s walking through. It was my mistake, I guess. It’s their sandbox. I didn’t talk to Dana White [after my fight]. Let’s just say this, if I was in Dana White’s shoes I might be exactly the same way.”

Miller’s release isn’t necessarily that worst thing that could have happened to the 31-year-old. It appears he will keep his word and retire from MMA since he lost to Dollaway anyway.

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