Nick Diaz Paid $300,000 to Attend UFC 143 Press Conferences

Written by Tom Ngo
May 30th, 2012

UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz

Imagine getting paid an extra $300,000 for doing something that you’re already supposed to do. As Chris Rock once famously asked, “What do you want, a cookie?”

According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN, welterweight Nick Diaz (Pictured) was compensated $300k for showing up to UFC 143 pre-fight press conferences to promote February’s interim title bout with Carlos Condit.

The news isn’t all good for Diaz, because $65,000 of that bonus is subject to the 30 percent fine levied by the Nevada State Athletic Commission courtesy of his flunked drug test following his loss to Condit. Diaz is already on the hook to get docked $200,000 of his show purse due to the failed exam.

In all, Mr. 209 will cost himself at least $79,500 (30% of $265,000) because of marijuana. Per NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, it’s possible the committee could include a percentage of the entire $300k presser incentive in their fine, but it would be highly unlikely.

Kizer acknowledged there was more to the $300k bonus than simply attending pressers, but Diaz’s participation in the “beauty pageants” were the main crux of the check.

This past September, Diaz was pulled from his blockbuster pay-per-view bout against champion Georges St-Pierre after skipping back-to-back press conferences to promote the biggest welterweight scrap in the sport’s history.

Perhaps that’s why the UFC took the unprecedented initiative to pay Diaz to attend activities that are expected of every other fighter.

As the old adage goes, ‘The squeaky wheel gets the oil, homie.’

Diaz is currently serving a year-long suspension. It is the second time in five years he was banned by the NSAC after marijuana metabolites were found in his system. The 28-year-old is eligible to return to action as early as February 4th, 2013.

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