Kimbo Slice Meets Roy Nelson Tonight on “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights”

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
September 30th, 2009

Kimbo Slice

Ok, so it’s one of the few reality TV shows that’s filmed well in advance, but tonight’s “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights”  marks the biggest scrap in Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson’s MMA career. Sure it’s an exhibition bout, however this isn’t the first time the street fighter has slugged it out without implications on his pro record.

“This fight is very exciting,” Kimbo said of tonight’s highly anticipated showdown. “This is probably, I would say, not hands down, but pound-for-pound a good fight, one of my best fights…I was impressed with my performance. I was impressed with everything. I’m not crying about nothing.”

Most MMA/conspiracy theorists knew that Kimbo would get an early fight in the tourney, that way the UFC and Spike TV could milk him for the entire season as a legit contestant in the tournament. However, what threw most for a loop was that they pitted him against the most accomplished mixed martial artist on the show.

“I wouldn’t want it no other way, man. If I have lose a fight, I’d rather lose to a guy like that, or someone with a big name, because it just makes sense to have two big names go at it head-to-head,” Kimbo said of his 1stRound opponent. “That’s cool that it’s happening right now. It gets it out of the way and (for the rest) of the duration of the show, people get to see how I react and interact with others after a fight and it’s in the middle of the season, so it worked out perfectly.”

According to Kimbo, the timing and opponent were perfect, but what exactly did he know about Nelson before the Octagon doors slammed shut behind them, outside of the fact that he looks about nine-months pregnant?

“I knew a little bit of Roy from the IFL,” said Slice. “I saw him when he fought ‘Big Ben,’ Ben Rothwell. I saw when he fought (Andrei) Arlovski, I knew he was game and he was a fighter.”

Considering they were both losses for “Big Country,” those two bouts might not be indicative of who Kimbo will be standing opposite tonight.  Hopefully he didn’t take those losses for more than they were and entered the fight better thinking he had to put Nelson to sleep.

Remember Seth Petruzelli…

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