John Albert Awarded Win Bonus Despite Controversial Loss at ‘TUF: Live Finale’

Written by Tom Ngo
June 1st, 2012

UFC John Albert

Bantamweight John Albert (Pictured) was submitted by Erik Perez on Friday night at “The Ultimate Fighter: Live Finale,” but don’t tell that to UFC president Dana White or anyone with a working set of ears.

Albert locked on a triangle choke from off his back just two minutes into their 135-pound affair. He then transitioned to a straight armbar attempt. That’s when Perez wiggled free and slapped on an armbar of his own.

Although Albert never tapped, referee Kim Winslow stepped in and called the fight to the surprise of everyone inside The Pearl at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She claimed Albert verbally submitted, but “Prince” vehemently and immediately denied it. Winslow stated she was miked, but on replay nobody could hear Albert’s verbal tap.

That’s because it didn’t happened.

“No, I never submitted,” Albert emphatically stated. “I was trying to get out. I started to yell and then the referee stopped it.”

Perez later admitted he didn’t hear anything.

“Yeah, I was a little surprised it was stopped but I definitely had his arm really hard,” Perez expressed. “I was thinking I was going to break his arm, or maybe had already broken it. He was a tough guy.”

In any event, the “loss” doesn’t matter because White also didn’t hear him cry uncle and decided to award Albert with his win bonus.

“Just an FYI John Albert will get his win bonus after the ridiculous stoppage by Winslow. Always cleaning up after bad reffin,” White tweeted moments after Winslow’s stoppage.

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