James Irvin Vows to Beat Silva in the Clinch

Written by Tim Ngo
July 18th, 2008

Anderson Silva is no doubt one of the best fighters in the world today and his strength would clearly be in his muay-thai clinch, where he dominated former champion Rich Franklin. In a recent interview, James Irvin told everyone, “I’m gonna beat him in the clinch.” That’s like saying that you’re going to beat Michael Jordan at basketball, when you know you should probably challenge him at golf.
Irvin has a point when he says that he’s going to use his weight advantage to help him out in the clinch. The thing that everyone forgets though is that Silva actually walks around at 215 pounds, so the weight advantage that Irvin may have won’t be as large as many would think.

Irvin is an overly intense fighter in the Octagon, but he seemed to know his role when it comes to fighting Anderson Silva. He feels that he’s representing the Light Heavyweights in the UFC, “Chuck Liddell, Rampage, Forrest Griffin, those guys are kind of like my boss that I look up to. I’m kinda looking at them like and I’m gonna let them down,” Irvin went on to say.

There’s not many times where a “gatekeeper,” as Irvin calls himself, gets to fight a world-class champion without begging for it, but Irvin feels that he’s the one that’s going to send Silva back down to the Middleweight division as he proclaimed, “I’m gonna shock the world.”

Well tonight’s the night and we’re going to see if the world (of MMA that is) stays the same.

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