Kimbo Searches for His Slice of the MMA Pie

Written by Tom Ngo
October 5th, 2009

With his hopes of winning “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights” tournament on hold after dropping his opening bout to Roy Nelson, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson continues to march-on, because, realistically, he has no other choice. He hopes to make his official Octagon debut this Holiday season, however the street fighter wouldn’t divulge much else.

“I’m in camp now,” Slice said prior to yesterday’s fight. “I’m just planning for my fight in December.”

The organization currently has two shows scheduled for the year’s final month, “The Ultimate Fighter Finale” on December 5th and “UFC 107” in Memphis, Tennessee on December 12th.

It’s unlikely they would throw Kimbo on a pay-per-view card given his poor performance against Nelson, however his name is still a massive draw so it would make sense for them to put the YouTube phenom on the televised portion of “TUF Finale” event.

“I will keep working my ass off and improve. That’s all I can do,” Kimbo humbly said. “I’m going to continue my training at American Top Team in Coconut Creek (Fla.). Continue training, be ready for my fight in December.”

The reality show still has weeks to go before its conclusion, so obviously there is no official word on Kimbo’s future, even if it comes directly from the horse’s mouth. Technically, Kimbo’s still a “contestant” on this season’s show, and the UFC already planted the seed that he could possibly be tagged back in if one of his fellow heavyweights pulls up lame.

“I should try working on my ground game,” Slice said of his intentions while remaining in the TUF house.  “You’re gonna learn a lot, but you’re not going to master anything in two years. Mixed martial arts, it’s that type of training where you learn with life. The more you roll, the more you learn. As long as you live, you’re gonna learn as you live … It’s not something you learn and you got it, then you go, go, go and kick someone’s [expletive]. No, no, no. That’s something that you have to continue to do.”

The YouTube stud has a great point, however he’s already 35-years of age and the clock is already ticking on his MMA career.

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