Quinton "Rampage" Jackson "medically unfit" for Booking

Written by Tim Ngo
July 15th, 2008

More details have surfaced regarding the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion’s arrested on Tuesday afternoon. According to TMZ, Quiton “Rampage” Jackson hit two cars and then exited the 55 freeway in Orange County. From there he drove on both the sidewalk and center divider, which caused pedestrians to “flee in terror” as he sped away from the police. It seems as though Jackson was intoxicated in some form, as the police later said that he was “medically unfit” to be booked.

It’s crazy to think that only 11 days ago, Jackson was on top of the UFC world, and now he’s facing major legal issues.

There has been no comment from the UFC regarding Jackson’s arrest, but as soon as we hear something you’ll hear it first from 5thRound.com.

For more details on the arrest right now, make sure you check out TMZ.com.

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