Barnett is Back

Written by Tom Ngo
July 19th, 2008

MMA veteran Josh Barnett has not fought in his home country in over six years. After he beat UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 36, Barnett left the organization, and the United States, to perfect his game in Japan. Taking on top tier heavyweights in organizations such as PrideFC, K-1 and Sengoku, has prepared Barnett to make his long awaited return to the States.

“First fight in America in a while,” Barnett told 5thRound.com. “But I have had two matches in Japan already this year and I have had two wrestling matches.”
“Absolutely not,” Barnett stated about the possibility about fighting off any American ring rust. “As far as ring time, I have had plenty of that.”

He has been quite active this year, more than most fighters of his caliber, and but his accomplishments have gone mostly unnoticed.

“Just because a tree falls in the forest and you didn’t see it happen doesn’t mean that bad boy didn’t fall,” said Barnett. “I have been going out, knocking trees down left and right. They just happen to be people.”

Barnett will be taking on another MMA veteran in Pedro Rizzo at Affliction:Banned. The two share a great deal of respect for each other, however, when the bell rings, it will be time for war. As far as Barnett’s strategy against Rizzo, it is rather simple.

“Kill, crush, destroy,” he proclaimed.

A simple game plan for a simple guy. However, his thoughts for what might take place after the fight are even more simple.

“The only thing that I am concerned about after this fight is my after party,” stated Barnett

On a side note, Barnett wanted to mention his support for former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage”
Jackson. Jackson was arrested in California on Tuesday for an alleged hit and run, as well as evading police.

“This is absolutely in support of Rampage,” Barnett said of the Rampage shirt he was wearing. “He is one of my best friends and he has been by my side before, and vice versa. So whatever it is, we’ll get it worked out.”

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