Chael Sonnen Prepared to Put Anderson Silva Beef to Bed After UFC 148

Written by Tom Ngo
July 6th, 2012

UFC Chael Sonnen

After manhandling middleweight king Anderson Silva for nearly five complete rounds at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen (Pictured) was abruptly submitted with only 110 ticks remaining on the clock. Since the August 2010 defeat, Uncle Chael has done everything within his power to land a rematch – including insulting every Brazilian fighter within earshot.

While Silva turned a deaf ear to most of Sonnen’s rants, he hasn’t been able to forget the “I’m kicking down his back door and patting his little lady on the ass and I’m telling her to make me a steak, medium rare, just how I like it” remark his archenemy said on The MMA Show.

“The Spider” remains livid because his wife’s barbequing skills should have never been a topic of conversation.

However, now that the time for talking is over and the only thing left to do is fight, as far as Sonnen is concerned, he’s prepared to put their beef in his rear-view mirror after they settle their differences inside the cage.

“I don’t do respect,” Sonnen stated during Thursday’s media workouts. “That’s little kid talk. That’s something a street thug says before he takes your coat and shoes. This isn’t about respect, it’s about victory. Period.

“I will always shake hands after a competition. I have my whole life. I don’t wish Anderson Silva a bad life, but I am going to bring him a lot of pain within the rules and confines of the Octagon on Saturday. After that, that’s it. It ends there and we’ll walk down our separate ways.”

Although Sonnen has single-handedly ignited the bitterest rivalry the sport has ever witnessed, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise their feud will be squashed as soon as the dust settles on their shootout. The 185-pounders surprisingly embraced after Silva’s Hail Mary was answered following their first fight.

In addition, Sonnen is expected to pocket a piece of the pay-per-view pie that this blockbuster show generates. So there were financial motives behind his outrageous behavior over the past two years.

UFC 148 takes place inside MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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