Mark Coleman’s Manager Trashes Tito Ortiz and Pornstar Wifey

Written by Tom Ngo
October 6th, 2009

Mental note, don’t F*** with Mark Coleman’s manger Mike DiSabato, because if you do, you might be feeling like Tito Ortiz does right now.  Last night, Ortiz Tweeted that the UFC Hall of Famer “sissie[d] out” of their UFC 106 fight due to a minor boo-boo. Today, DiSabato went on a verbal assault against “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.” One that UFC president Dana White would have been proud of.  

“Mark Coleman is not a talker, he is a fighter. He is a Hall of Famer who has fought a who’s who of great fighters. Tito says ‘sissy’? Please. He can prove Coleman is a sissy on January 2nd if he wants,” DiSabato told Fighters Only.

“Coleman has already asked (the) UFC to push it back, but it is not in Mark’s hands as he will do what is good for (the) UFC and what his employer thinks is best for the promotion. I got to think if Tito really wants to fight Mark he can ask Joe Silva to give him Coleman on January 2nd.”

Turns out that Ortiz spoke out of turn in regards to Coleman’s dismissal (SHOCKER) as it appears Coleman has suffered a torn MCL. However, we’ve heard all his vanilla responses before. Here’s the TMZ-quality stuff …

“The only thing Coleman is afraid of when it comes to Tito is contracting swine flu from that dirty ass d-bag. We all know where he lays his head down at night. Tito wants to get personal with a legend? OK, let’s get personal – we can all go to our porn collections and watch what Tito sleeps with night after night,” said DiSabato in laying down the ultimate no-no.

Unfortunately, DiSabato went where no battle between men is supposed to go, the wifey. In this case, it’s porn star extraordinaire Jenna Jameson.

Sure he could have targeted Ortiz’ massive bobble head, or the fact that he hasn’t won a significant scrap in over three years, but he chose to go for the easiest, and most hurtful target.

Ortiz may have started it by “get[ting] personal with a legend,” but that’s not the way most would have gone about confronting Tito about it.

However, it was pretty damn funny!

We all know that Ortiz isn’t one to back down from any verbal sparring match, especially now that his wife’s name was unnecessarily brought up. We will anxiously be awaiting your Tweets, Tito.

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