Daniel Cormier Claims He’d Put Jon Jones on His Back

Written by Tom Ngo
July 20th, 2012

Strikeforce Daniel Cormier

UFC president Dana White previously professed Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier (Pictured) would be granted an immediate title fight if he remains undefeated upon transferring to the big leagues. While Cormier is honored he’ll be able to leapfrog up the totem pole, he would have to decline if a certain someone was donning the 265-pound crown.

“I don’t want to fight Cain Velasquez,” Cormier told ESPN.com. of facing his AKA teammate. “He’s helped me so much to become a mixed martial artist. When I started, the dude opened himself up to me and showed me so much. He didn’t have to do that for me.

“As I’ve said time and time again, if Cain is champion, in my heart of hearts, I know I don’t want to fight that guy. Then I will go fight Jon Jones. I will fight Jon Jones if I have to.”

It appears Cormier is bound by the bros before belts mentality, because he previously stated that shedding the pounds required to compete at light heavyweight would be difficult given the kidney problems that prevented him from competing in the 2008 Olympics.

On the flipside, this might be a moot discussion given the fact reigning UFC king Junior dos Santos disposed of Velasquez in merely 64 seconds in their first tango. Regardless, Cormier isn’t getting any younger and needs to plot out a different route to obtaining Octagon gold just in case his BFF is able to avenge the only blemish on his résumé.

“I’ve got to go now,” Cormier said of challenging for a title. “I’m 33 years old. I had a birthday in March and the dang year is almost over. This could possibly be the peak of my career, right now. And I have to be ready for it. I want high-level competition; I’m not a 23-year-old kid.

“[Dropping to 205 pounds is a potential plan B if Cain becomes champion again, which I think he will. Imagine that: Me and Jones standing across the cage from one another. That would be crazy because you know I’m putting him on his back.”

Cormier concludes his Strikeforce career September 29th against a yet-to-be determined opponent.

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