(UPDATE) Junie Browning Assaults Nurses After Overdosing, Fired by UFC

Written by Tim Ngo
October 7th, 2009

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, former “The Ultimate Fighter” contestant Junie Browning was arrested late Tuesday night after he reportedly assaulted three nurses at St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada. Sources close to the situation have told 5thRound.com that Browning had been going through tough times of late and they just got tougher as he was cut from the UFC following his recent troubles.

The logical question is, what was Browning doing at the hospital in the first place? Well,  the report states that Browning was rushed to the emergency room by a couple of friends after he had taken 16 pills of Klonopin.

Klonopin is normally used to treat seizure disorders and panic attacks. It acts as a calming agent on the brain and nerves.

The Henderson Police Department confirmed that Browning did indeed overdose on pills, and from the preliminarily looks of things, attempted to hurt himself.

Once at the hospital, our sources tell us that Browning was belligerently yelling, “Do you know who I am? I will kill and rape your families,” to the hospital staff throughout his fabulous stay.

Our source has informed us that the troubled lightweight had recently broken up with his girlfriend and that is what started his current downward spiral.

The controversial fighter fought twice in the UFC, defeating David Kaplan at “The Ultimate Fighter 8 Finale” in his debut and getting subbed in his last outing by Cole Miller at “UFC Fight Night 18” in Tennessee.

Browning currently faces three counts of battery, however it’s not clear as to why Browning assaulted the nurses for doing their jobs.

(UPDATED 10/7/09 9:45PM PT)

UFC president Dana White told Yahoo! Sports that, upon learning of the arrest, they immediately terminated Browning’s contract.

“Obviously, I’m very disappointed,” White told Yahoo!. “I haven’t heard anything regarding Junie where he’s acted up or been bad in a long time. You could tell on the show he had issues. I saw (fighting) as an opportunity for the kid to turn his life around and make something of himself. Physically, he’s very gifted. He is good at everything: Standup, he has great ground, he has an unbelievably good chin.

“He was given an amazing opportunity, but he has some serious issues that are beyond me and what I can do. I’m there for guys and I realize nobody is perfect and guys are going to get into trouble. When that happens, I want to try to help and do something for them. But he needs more help than I can give him. I did what I could for him.”

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