Rory MacDonald Issues BJ Penn a Stern Warning

Written by Tom Ngo
July 25th, 2012

UFC Rory MacDonald

Tuesday’s UFC 152 press conference went off without a hitch – outside of the presser’s faulty live stream and absence of BJ Penn, of course.

However, because Penn had to attend to family matters, it allowed opponent Rory MacDonald (Pictured) to speak openly about “The Prodigy” and his expanding waistline.

“I am training for the best BJ,” MacDonald stated. “I’m just preparing myself to be the best version [I’ve ever been]. I am going to come out evolved, I’m gonna come out in good shape, explosive and exciting, like I always do. I am going to be very technical and I am going to be on point.

“I don’t know where BJ is at. He didn’t even show up to this. He’s dropping out of the VADA testing. Last time I saw him, he looked really out of shape. I don’t know where his head is at in this, but he better get serious or I am going to hurt him very badly.”

MacDonald is referring to the pool party pictures of Penn that the UFC posted on their Facebook page during UFC 148 weekend, exactly 11 weeks before he comes out of retirement to face the hungry up-and-comer.

While MacDonald respects Penn for all that he’s done for the sport of mixed martial arts, the skyrocketing 23-year-old won’t be in awe when the cage door slams shut. Penn marks the biggest name “Ares” has ever fought, and he intends to make a statement against the veteran.

“To fight a guy like BJ is an honor,” he stated. “I’ve watched the guy fight since I was 14. I have looked up to him, but I’ve come to a point in my career where I don’t look up to anybody in this sport anymore. Obviously, I still respect him and all that, but I’m here to beat him and hurt him.

“He’s worried about TriStar. I don’t care about that, I fight for myself and that’s it. He is all upset because [Georges St-Pierre] whooped him, but I am going to hurt him even worse.”

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