Sylvia Speaks on What Went Wrong

Written by Tom Ngo
July 23rd, 2008

When Tim Sylvia spoke exclusively with 5thRound.com at the final Affliction: Banned press conference, he was extremely confident about his chances of beating the heavily favored Fedor Emelianenko, stating that he was, “going out there and upsetting the world.” Unfortunately, Emelianenko showed why he was more than a 4-1 favorite, making quick work of Sylvia in just 36 seconds. Sylvia goes in-depth about his game plan and what went wrong.

“I was definitely expecting a feeling out process,” Sylvia stated at the Affliction: Banned post-fight press conference. “My manager says that it was good that he did that [Emelianenko coming out fast] because that meant he is giving me a lot of respect. He didn’t want to go in there and play around, so I think that was a compliment. “

The bad part about it was that Emeilianenko was too fast and Sylvia never had a chance to impose his game plan.

“I went in there with a good game plan; he got off first and he hurt me right away,” Sylvia stated. “The game plan was to keep him at bay with my reach, and  if he tried to close the distance, hit him with big elbows so he wouldn’t want to be close to me. When I stepped in there, I was thinking about all that. I was thinking about keeping a little distance in case he shot in for the body lock, and keep my hips away. “

However, Emelianenko was able to use his superior hand speed to catch Sylvia first. After that, Sylvia found himself on the wrong end of a slug fest and was dropped to the mat.

“He caught me; that guy hits hard. I have never been hit that hard before,” the former UFC champ said. “I don’t care who knows.”

From there, Emelianenko showed why he is the best MMA fighter in the world, putting his submission skills on display. He pounded on Sylvia’s head to soften him up, and then took his back, going for an immediate rear-naked choke.  It was an odd choke since Emelianenko didn’t have his arm securely across Sylvia’s neck, but it was more than enough to finish the fight.

“I think it was on my windpipe because it hurt like hell. I don’t even think he locked it up. It hurt real bad. I was a little bit on Queer Street still from the punches,” Sylvia said.

A clearly disappointed Sylvia was tearing up at the conclusion of the press conference stating, “I really thought I had the answer tonight. I’m not hurt, my pride is hurt. That’s about it.”

Don’t worry Tim, your are not the first and certainly won’t be the last to fall victim to Fedor.

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