Dana White: “Fedor is Not Afraid to Come [to UFC]”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 8th, 2009

Although he has one of the busiest Holiday seasons he’s ever faced staring him dead in the eyes, UFC president Dana White took some time to answer more questions regarding the one that got away. Shockingly, White turned his attention towards Team Fedor Emelianenko instead of the heavyweight himself.

“Fedor is not afraid to come [to the UFC] and fight or do any of that stuff,” White said as a guest on ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning yesterday. “He’s got nutty managers. These guys are from Russia. They come into America and try to strong-arm (us) into some deal that we won’t want.”

In case you have been living underneath a rock for the past year, Fedor hit the free agent market after the whole “Affliction: Trilogy” debacle, and was once again courted by White and the UFC.

After weeks of intense talks, neither side would budge on the final, and most crucial, sticking point … CO-PROMOTING.

“Go do that to the butcher down the street in Russia,” White continued. “It doesn’t work here in the United States. If this guy wants to come and put himself up against the best fighters in the world, he’ll eventually make it to the UFC.”

M-1 Global, the MMA organization that represents Emelianenko, refused to ink any deal which didn’t allow them to enjoy half of the profits and costs, something that the UFC would not, and should not, do.

So the Russians opted to sign with the much smaller Strikeforce organization, which was more than willing to accept the awkward partnership.

Getting snubbed again is all good with White, as he stongly believes that it’s a matter of moments before Strkeforce goes under. And guess who will be there to once again try and pick up the leftovers?

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