Fitch Finally Getting His Due

Written by Tom Ngo
July 23rd, 2008

MMA veteran Jon Fitch is just weeks away from the biggest fight of his career. He has been training and waiting his entire life for this moment, and he is not about to let it pass by without a fight. Fitch will be taking on current UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, at UFC 87 for the crown, and August 9th can’t come soon enough for the top contender.

“I’m just excited,” Fitch told UFC.com. “I’m working out, starting to put the game plan together, and just having a great time with it already.”

Fitch has not lost a fight in over seven years, rolling off 15 consecutive wins in the process. The last eight wins have come against the UFC’s elite competition. However, Fitch knows that none of his previous competitors are nearly as talented, athletic or well-rounded as St-Pierre.

“He’s tough,” said Fitch of the champion. “He’s good on his feet, has good wrestling and jiu-jitsu, and it’s gonna be a tough fight. I can’t get into too much to give away a game plan, but he’s athletic and quick and the only way to deal with that is timing, so I’m gonna have to make sure I’m very sharp that night.”

Fitch has certainly done some outside of the box preparation for his first UFC title fight. Some say that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and if that is the case, GSP should be extremely flattered.

“He’s been out there for so long and I’ve been imitating him and mimicking him and trying to figure out what he’s doing and watching him for so long; that’s going to be an advantage right there,” said Fitch. “Having all that film and time and experience watching him, I’ve been able to come up with ideas and ways to deal with him.”

In addition to that, Fitch trains at the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA), with many other top tier welterweights, such as, Jake Shields, Mike Swick and an opponent that has already fallen victim to the champ in Josh Koscheck.

“I’ve been picking Koscheck’s brain since they fought,” said Fitch about his teammate’s loss to GSP at UFC 74 last December. “I’ve already got all the information out of Koscheck about him. Just knowing Kos and training with him so much and watching their fight, I can get a feel for St-Pierre and what he’s able to do and not do.”

Between the film sessions he does on his own and the training sessions that his AKA teammates push him through, Fitch feels that he is going to be well prepared to pull off the upset and walk out of Minnesota the new UFC welterweight champion.

“It’s a fight and wherever it needs to go, that’s fine with me,” a confident Fitch stated. “If he takes me down, fine, I’ll get back up. I might take him down or might not take him down at all – who knows. It’s a fight and I don’t have to pigeonhole myself into one mindset to win this fight.”

Given the amount of time that it has taken Fitch to get to this point, rest assured that he will be more than ready.

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