Benson Henderson: No Rematch, No Problem

Written by Tom Ngo
August 8th, 2012

UFC Ben Henderson

When Benson Henderson (Pictured) captured the lightweight crown, “Smooth” claimed he’d be down to fight any elite 155-pounder the UFC throws his way – including granting former champ Frankie Edgar an immediate rematch. Although UFC president Dana White begrudgingly arranged an instant sequel, this will be the last time in a long time.

On Saturday at UFC 150, Edgar will become the only athlete in Octagon history to compete in six consecutive title bouts, with half of them being of the rematch variety. While it’s a great bullet point “The Answer” can pen on his résumé, it has created quite the logjam for the division’s remaining contenders.

For that reason, White says the weight class has to move on, even if Edgar knots up the score with a controversial decision win of his own this weekend. If that scenario doesn’t seem fair to you, Henderson is at peace with White’s decision.

“Dana White is Dana White, he can say what he wants to say, and that’s cool, I have no problem with him saying [I won’t get an immediate rematch if I lose], but I want to win my next fight no matter what,” Henderson stated on a recent conference call. “Whether he says, ’If you lose your next fight you’re out of the UFC,’ or ‘If you lose your next fight you’ll be cut’ or ‘If you lose your next fight you gotta go up to 170.’

“Whatever it is after your next fight, I want to win my next fight. Period. Very badly. I don’t think you guys understand the dire behind the fighters and our wanting to win our next fight. I don’t care about all the other stuff. I don’t care what the add-ons are. I just want to win my next fight. Period.”

Henderson hopes to make this a moot discussion by putting an exclamation point on their rematch. Otherwise, Bendo might be singing a different trilogy tune if he drops a close decision defeat. Dot, dot, dot.

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