Dan Henderson Addresses Jon Jones’ ‘One-Trick Pony’ Comment

Written by Tom Ngo
August 15th, 2012

Dan Henderson UFC Strikeforce

Being a 15-year mixed martial arts veteran, Dan Henderson (Pictured) has already been around the block and back when it comes to pre-fight banter. That’s why the former PrideFC and Strikeforce champ didn’t bat an eye when UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones picked apart his game in a recent UFC 151 promo video.

“It’s no secret that Dan Henderson is a little bit of a one-trick pony,” Jones said of his Hendo’s only shot at beating him. “My objective is to not get hit at all. It will be interesting to see how I handle one of those famous H-Bombs.

“I feel very confident I can be the first guy to TKO him.”

During this week’s episode of FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight, Henderson addressed “Bones’” analysis, and he didn’t necessarily disagree with the youngster.

“It must be a pretty good trick,” Henderson stated. “It’s kept me in the sport this long and people keep wanting to see it. It’s kept me around for a long time.

“TKO me? I’d love for him to try. That means he’s coming after me and I won’t have to chase him.”

Of all of Henderson’s past opponents, Jones is clearly the most dangerous he’s ever faced. He’s also the most hyped fighter he’s met.

“I don’t know, probably not this much,” Henderson said of previous up-and-comers receiving such publicity. “The sport has progressed so much and there’s so much more media than there used to be, so he’s benefiting from it. When Vitor [Belfort] came on, people hyped him up and said he had no weaknesses, but then Randy [Couture] beat him.”

Henderson is currently a whopping 5-to-1 longshot against Jones, so hopefully the 41-year-old has plenty of H-Bombs at his disposal come September 1st.

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