Jon Jones Blasts ‘Coward’ and ‘Cheater’ Chael Sonnen in Twitter Tirade

Written by Tom Ngo
August 15th, 2012

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen certainly has a knack for irking UFC champions. After bringing middleweight king Anderson Silva to a boiling point, Uncle Chael has now decided to antagonize 205-pound champ Jon Jones (Pictured).

In Wednesday’s edition of The New York Post, Sonnen predicted Dan Henderson would steamroll “Bones” on September 1st and take his crown. After their UFC 151 shootout, Sonnen claimed it would then be his pleasure to humble the 25-year-old even further.

“I don’t think there’s gonna be much left of [Jones] when Dan Henderson gets done with him,” Sonnen said. “If there’s anything left of him, I’d be happy to play cleanup.”

Also, Sonnen referring to Jones as a “punk kid” on FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight certainly didn’t help matters.

Of course, trash talk travels fast in the social media world. After catching wind of Sonnen’s comments, Jones went off on the one-time political hopeful.

“@sonnench the things you say about me hold absolutely no weight, you disrespected Anderson and his country but fought like a child,” Jones tweeted just moments ago. “If you’re going to disrespect me out of nowhere, at least disrespect me to my face like a man.

“And you call me a punk, I’m more man than you’ll ever be. #Coward #Cheater.”

Sonnen promptly responded to his new division’s ruler.

“@jonnybones Oh I plan too. Btw, how long did it take your parents to come up with your name, JON JONES. #creative,” Sonnen posted on his Twitter.

Jones then wrote one last reply, as he currently has bigger fish to fry in Henderson.

“@sonnench lol dude, you’re not worth my time. Earn a title shot instead of trying to talk your way into one and I’ll be glad to hurt you,” Jones stated.

And of course, Sonnen couldn’t allow the youngster to get the final word in.

“Advice to @jonnybones. Take some of that Nike money, hire new writers,” Sonnen countered. “Boarding plane to Oregon now, home of your corporate wage masters. Next time you are in town, knock on my door. Don’t drive. @johnnybones.”

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