Lucky 13

Written by Tom Ngo
July 21st, 2008
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The Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that 13 of the participants in Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 14 will have to sit out various amounts of time due to the injuries that were sustained during their respecitve bouts. Anthony Johnson is suspended indefinitley with a conjunctival laceration in his right eye due to the poke that he received in his loss to Kevin Burns.

Brad Blackburn – Suspended until Jan 7 – Broken left thumb
James Giboo – Suspended until Sep 13 – Precautionary reasons
Nate Loughran – Suspended until Sep 13 – Multiple lacerations
Rory Markham – Suspended until Aug 19 – Precautionary reasons
Brodie Farber – Suspended until Sep 18 – Precautionary reasons
Cale Yabrough – Suspended until Sep 13 – Precautionary reasons
Tim Credeur – Suspended until Jan 17 – Right-knee injury
Anthony Johnson – Suspended indefinitely – Conjunctival laceration in right eye
Cain Velasquez – Suspended until Jan 7 – Possible meniscal/ligament tear in left knee
Jake O’Brien – Suspended until Sep 3 – Precautionary reasons
Frankie Edgar – Suspended until Aug 19 – Chin laceration
Hermes Franca – Suspended until Aug 19 – Precautionary reasons
James Irvin – Suspended until Sep 3 – Right-cheek laceration

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