Ronda Rousey Going for the Kill Against Sarah Kaufman … Literally

Written by Tom Ngo
August 17th, 2012

Strikeforce Ronda Rousey Bantamweight

Some fighters enter the cage searching for blood. Strikeforce bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey (Pictured), on the other hand, will be going for the kill on Saturday … literally. Thankfully for Sarah Kaufman, California’s governing body will be there to protect her from death should their scrap head in that direction.

“I’ve trained harder for this fight than any other fight before,” Rousey stated during Thursday’s press conference. “She might not know it, but she should be thanking her lucky stars that MMA is properly regulated in California.

“I respect her so much and I’m not taking any chances. If I get her in an armbar, I’m going to try and rip it off and throw it at her corner. If I get her in a choke, I’m going to hold onto it until she’s actually dead. If I get a knockout, I’m not going to walk away from it – I’m going to try to pound her face into the ground. She’s depending on the competence of the California [State] Athletic Commission to walk out of that cage alive.”

Oddly, Rousey’s threats are directed towards a challenger she actually likes. Can you imagine the “Rowdy” one’s mindset when she took the hexagon against bitter rival Miesha Tate?

But no hard feelings, Sarah. Rousey claims her vicious mentality doesn’t stem from her violent nature, but motivation her younger sibling provides her on a daily basis. Remember, Rousey also lambasted Kim Kardashian for being a bad influence on her sister.

“[My comments have] nothing to do with whether I like her or respect her, because she seems like a nice chick,” Rousey added. “But every single time I come to fight I pretend as if it is my little sister’s life depending on it, and in that kind of situation, nobody can ever beat me. I’m here to fight. I’m not here to do a little dance for you guys.’’

Kaufman will be fighting for her life, as well as the Strikeforce bantamweight crown, tomorrow night inside Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. Godspeed.

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