Dana White: If He Beats Georges St-Pierre, Anderson Silva Will Want Jon Jones

Written by Tom Ngo
September 11th, 2012

UFC Dana White

With the NFL season in full swing, Fantasy Football has been the talk of the sports town. In the spirit of fictitious scenarios, UFC president Dana White (Pictured) can’t stop clamoring over fantasy fights that he’d like to see become fact.

While welterweight king Georges St-Pierre isn’t currently interested in discussing a proposed box office bout with middleweight champ Anderson Silva, at least publicly, White is telling a different tale. Like White previously mentioned, if St-Pierre can clear the UFC 154 hurdle that is Carlos Condit, it’s possible “The Spider” vs. “Rush” (or “Rush” vs. “The Spider”) will come to fruition.

“So, here’s how this whole thing has gone down, and you guys have seen it play out,” White said on this week’s edition of AXS TV’s Inside MMA. “Anderson and GSP were talking like they didn’t wanna fight. Now, he beats Carlos Condit, meaning Georges St-Pierre, he’s saying he wants to fight Anderson, and Anderson is saying he wants to fight him.

“So, that fight will probably happen first.”

Wait up, Dana. First? Does that mean MMA’s other SUPERFIGHT between Silva and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones might actually be a possibility?

“Now, Anderson and Jones are saying, ‘We don’t wanna fight. We’re buddies.’ But [Jones] didn’t wanna fight Rashad (Evans), either, and that happened,” White added. “So as you start to get to a point where Anderson is in his career – he’s beat everyone, he’s broken every record in the UFC. If he beats Georges St-Pierre, I guarantee you he’ll be eyeballing Jon Jones next.”

St-Pierre, 31, looks to unify the 170-pound crown against Condit on November 17th. Jones, 25, defends his throne in 11 days against Vitor Belfort.

Father Time watch: Silva turns 38 this April.

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